Thursday, September 02, 2010

Frank Pallone, Outside the Mainstream

By Joe Schilp, Cross posted at More Middlesex Musings

In an interview on PolitickerNJ, Rep. Frank Pallone (NJ-6) claims that attendees of last weekend's rally hosted by Glenn Beck in Washington are outside the mainstream. The event was attended by hundreds of thousands of people including thousands from New Jersey.

For Pallone to continually put down his opposition on the basis of religious belief and political philosophy shows that Pallone is a man intolerant of voices that disagree with his own. At the rally, Beck praised Martin Luther King, who hosted a massive rally in Washington nearly 4 decades ago that was, at the time, said to be attended by people "outside the mainstream."

Last summer, Pallone was asked at a townhall meeting if he supports House Majority leader and uber-liberal Nancy Pelosi. I was there when Pallone answered the question and will never forget his response: "Not only do I support Nancy Pelosi, I consider her one of my favorite people in Washington."

Frank Pallone, there is not person in the Sixth Congressional Disctrict more outside the mainstream than yourself. But Frank would not know that because he has moved full-time to Washington D.C., where his kids go to school and his wife has a full-time job. That's right, Pallone no longer lives in New Jersey and rarely visits. This year he refused to hold townhall meetings as well, so he has no idea what his constituents think or feel.

It is time to retire Frank Pallone, an extremist and a major part of the problem.


h2eau said...

Did Frank Pallone get elected or just declare himself to be a representative of the people of New Jersey ? Are you saying that our electorate is less representative than minority of disenchanted who attend town meetings with the sole purpose of shouting down speakers they don't agree with ?

ambrosiajr said...

That's exactly what they're saying. If you don't agree with the radical Tea Party agenda, then you're against the mainstream.

Delusional at the least.