Friday, September 03, 2010

The Phoney Palloney Special Interest Tour

By Joe Schilp, Cross posted from More Middlesex Musings

Coming to your neighborhood soon, the 2010 Frank Pallone Special Interest Tour!

Realilzing that his career in Washington may be coming to end in 2 short months, Frank Pallone has embarked on a tour to drum-up special interest vote.

Today he met with black ministers in Piscataway to promise cash for gang-busting.

Yesterday afternoon he met with Orthodox Jews in Highland Park to promise cash for security.

Yesterday morning he toured Women Aware facility in New Brunswick to promise cash for at-risk women.

On Tuesday, he told low-income students he'd get them cash for student development.

Notice a theme here? It's cash-for-vote time. If your group will vote for Frank , he can help you with cash!

Never mind the fact that Pallone has had 22 years to fight gang violence, secure our nation, help women and educate the poor but failed to any of these things.

In fact, it is liberal Frank Pallone who wants gun control, so only gang members can own firearms.

It is liberal Frank Pallone who opposes cracking down on border security to keep terrorists (and gangs) out.

It is liberal Frank Pallone who opposes school choice measures that could provide a decent education to the urban poor, who have been languishing in New Jersey's urban schools for generations. And education is the tool needed to keep kids out of gangs.

It's time to retire Frank Pallone.

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Anonymous said...

It's not that people prefer Republicans by some huge margin. They don't. They specifically prefer non-incumbent Republicans hoping for a Change.Pallone has failed miserably but this being a blue state he always won easily ...We are fed up and rightfully so. The anti-union vote is going to be huge, and deservedly so. we will see big changes in Washington as we have started to see here ...the D's wanted change 2 years well they will get that change shortly !