Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Post election Wireside Chat


Dear fellow Republicans:

This morning we woke up to the same, wonderful Monmouth Republican County that was in control as we lay our heads down. Only this time, we have more outstanding legislators to begin a Monmouth County makeover of the wasteful, corrupt and incompetent Corzine Democrats. Congratulations. You earned this one.

And I would like to remind you that picking the right slate of candidates, those many months ago, set this party off on the right foot. Screened candidates are bullet-proof. $7 million in negative ads can not hurt them. Please enjoy below:

Sean Kean – 11th Senate – win
Dave Rible – 11th Assembly – win
Mary Pat Angelini – 11th Assembly – win

Jen Beck – 12th Senate -- win
Caroline Casagrande – 12th Assembly – win
Declan O’Scanlon – 12th Assembly – win

Joe Kyrillos – 13th Senate – win
Amy Handlin – 13th Assembly – win
Sam Thompson – 13th Assembly – win

Kim Guadagno – first woman sheriff in Monmouth County history – win
Claire French – the greatest County Clerk – win
Rob Clifton – Freeholder – win
Jeff Cantor – Freeholder – too close to call

I am grateful that you, my fellow Republicans, entrusted me with the important responsibility to serve as your Chairman. This morning, our county is safe, under Republican control. Special thanks to Joe Roberts and Jon Corzine. $7 million dollars spent for 1 tie. Good job.

Adam Puharic


Anonymous said...

Eeewww...he just makes my skin crawl....I have to take a shower now.

Anonymous said...

Read the APP this afternoon about the missing districts for the Freeholder race. Anyone know the demographic for the Long Branch on Ocean Township districts not reporting results?
I would presume the 500 provisional ballots are of no help for Cantor.

Art Gallagher said...

Long Branch is presumed to be Democratic and Ocean is unpredictable. The provisionals are from througout the county.

The conventional wisdom is that the uncounted ballots will give D'Amico the seat. We'll all know on Friday.

Anonymous said...

How come nobody is screaming mad at that hot head former mayor Clownberg who likely cost Jeff votes in Marlboro? He cost us the majority and now he cost us a freeholders seat! Where is the outrage over this idiot!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Adam, I'm extremely impressed with how he hung in there until the end. He's most certainly a shoe in for reelection to his post. Keep up the good work, Mr. Puharic!

William A. Newell said...

If Cantor doesn't make it, who does Adam blame this time? Anna Little again? Clifton? Kim Guadagno? (Was there a "Guadagno's Grenadiers" or something like "Anna's Army"?)Claire?
You know it's just a matter of time before he does something like that.

Anonymous said...

Adam deserves credit for doing a great job under difficult circumstances. The APP endorsed all Dems at the county level and county Dems greatly outspent GOP with money wheeled in from Camden and Trenton that the APP ignored at the county level while hammering Democrats for in the legislative races. In addition to a hostile editorial board, Bob Jordan did all he could to sink our guys.

Anonymous said...

The untold story of poor Jeff Cantor is how former Marlbor Mayor Clownberg cost him the Freeholder seat. Its not Adam's fault. Its Clownberg's fault. Where is the outrage over that? That Clown embarassed us, cost us R control in Marlboro and likely cost us a Freeholder seat. Does anybody else see this!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can actually blame Robert Kleinberg for Jeff Cantor's defeat. He was crushed by a Democratic Organization that was brilliant enough combine forces with Republicans Kleinberg alienated and disregarded.

You can also blame yourselves because Kleinberg never should have been supported by the County and that would have saved Jeff Cantor's votes in Marlboro. Just so you all know, had Jeff won Marlboro, we would have swept all the seats. Thanks Adam for not cutting Kleinberg loose when you had the chance. AND YOU HAD THE CHANCE. Sacrifice Malboro , save the County. its like cutting of the foot to save the leg. A small price to pay for the Freeholder seats.

Anonymous said...

Except for the provisional ballot count the rest of the results are now on the County site. 452/452 reporting. Cantor trails by 365. I would think it is over unless there is some miracle in the provisional ballots.

Anonymous said...

The problem is Clownberg is now blaiming everyone else for his defeat. He needs to be called out on this! Also, as not someone on the "inside",what do you mean Adam had the chance to cut Clownberg loose?! Please explain for the rest of us poor saps who put signs up, fold flyers and do all the back breaking work and are never included on the "big stuff".

Anonymous said...

The Asbury Park Press has been negative on Puharic since he became Chairman. Last year they endorsed the two Democratic nominees for Freeholder over Anna Little and Andrew Lucas because they disapproved of Bill Barham and Lillian Burry. They said change was needed. Anna Little voted against Malcolm Carton and Andrew Lucas was a non-incumbent. But the Press supported the Democrats because they were Democrats and gave no other reason.

This year they did the same thing. They said change was needed. Jeff Cantor was calling for the same changes that post-Puharic blowout Press darling Anna Little was calling for, yet he did not get the Press' endorsement. Instead, they endorsed D'amico as an agent of change. One of the guys who helped get Malcolm Carton named counsel and was a charter member of "Club Monmouth" was the choice of needed change according to the Press.

The Press' anti-Puharic stance is unreasonable. Certainly the Chairman ought to be held accountable for his own actions and his own statements. However, to completely reject every Republican nominee for county seats on the part of the Asbury Park Press is intellectually dishonest and editorially negligent. It's an abuse of the power of the fourth estate.

I applaud the effort and the success of the County Republican Organization in overcoming an openly hostile media and a flood of Democratic money.

Adam Puharic, like everyone else, deserves to be judged by his entire record, warts and all. In this election, he deserves some credit. It doesn't make one a Puharic fan to admit that. Hold him accountable for not cultivating a better relationship with the Press maybe, but find another Republican County Chairman who had a better 2007 election.

Anonymous said...

Simple, the Republican club split in Marlboro. That group went to Adam for support. He did not give it. They asked him to disavow and distance the Party from Kleinberg. Adam did not. Had the County chair backed the Republicans for Hornik, the disenchanted repubs and independents that trend republican would have only voted across the lines for Hornik and the council. Instead the numbers showed in Marlboro that Dems and independents voted straight down the Dem line. Republicans voted down the line and crossed over to Hornik and the dems. Those independents that linked Cantor to Kleinberg because the County refused to disavow Kleinberg cost us his seat. How do I know this, look at the Marlboro numbers. Every Dem won except the Clerk office. Marlboro has returned to a Dem stronghold with their superior Dem organization superior candidates (Hornik)and that group' municipal chair and their leadership. They played the political game to a "T" They swept EVERY district 28-0 Hornik and Sukel were perfect and the election was a blowout. Embarrssment to Republicans. Even historic Republican districts went to the Dems. However, a Puharic endorsement of the Republican Club, and disavowel of Kleinberg would have had those sitting on the fence vote for Jeff rather than just stay on the Dem line. Why, because they linked Jeff to the "Kleinberg team". Break the link and Jeff wins hands down!
Therefore, Adam blew the opportunity. That was a political move Adam blew. As for every other office, the Republican campaigns countywide were strong and stayed on message and that is why we swept those seats destroying Karcher, Panter and Mallet. But as for Adam, he played this one wrong. If Adam supported the Republican splitters, cut off Kleinberg publicly then Jeff Cantor, our best hope to defeat D'Amico is our Freeholder! Less than 300 votes, same as Jeff's loss in Marlboro Coincidence? No, missed opportunity!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a tough year,yes the D's always have more money and know how to wheel it in safely, but, the Marlboro mess excepted, we MUST be honest,look in the mirror for once, and assess what we did WRONG and FIX it, fast!..we were lucky to hold on to Rob, plain and simple.., and, please admit that the campaign focused almost entirely on "opposition research," trashing(ineffectively)an already well-known former freholder, legislator and judge, who didn't do much, but isn't an awful person, and we simply forgot to TELL voters who to vote FOR and why..they completely wasted an excellent candidate in Jeff, a war hero and nice, young, candidate and family man: they never let the voters ,esp. in the east, get to know the man- there was NO positive lit,local radio( which everyone listens to), or positive local(and cheap) newspaper ads(which everyone reads in their areas)..for the third year in a row, just the high prices and commissions to the consultants and event planners, wasted polls to find that people are fed up with taxes and corruption,and the arrogance of dumping formerly successful events like the Rumson event and the final brunch, is just insane. I am sick of the ego-trips, the divisive comments about "cleansing" and "purging," on and on, when he needs every hand and dollar he can get!!..

Anonymous said...

Puharic lost one election by a few hundred votes, even while the democrats were pouring tons of money into every race throughout the county. He did an amazing job screening candidates and finding very good ones that don't have potentially vulnerable backgrounds. He's an outstanding young leader and the Republicans are fortunate to have him!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is hilarious. Are these the same people that were demanding Puharic's ouster only a few months ago when he wouldn't support Anna Little? Hippocrites. Have some integrity and stand by your principles.

Anonymous said...

Former Mayor Clownberg is openly blaiming everyone but himself for his loss. He says it was the County's fault and he had no air cover. I wonder if he will even finish out the year and if he will ever show up in town hall again. I also heard that the federal authorities have a bit of a bone to pick with him over using federal officials names in his campaign flyers. If he thought Jim Gerhart was tough I shutter the thought of what the feds will do and say. Former Mayor Clownberg was never suppose to be Mayor at all. After the Matt S. disaster as Mayor we put up Clownberg as a sacrificial lamb thinking we'd lost the seat for 4 years. Then he got lucky and won. It went to his head and he got out of control. He though up until election eve he had this won hands down. Now he is working on his come back and is telling people he'll look to challenge the party for either Bill or Lilian's seat next year and that he has the "people" behind him. We better send him a LOUD message now that he cost us control in Marlboro and a Freedholder seat and he just needs to go away!

The Mad Cow said...


Anonymous said...

It is more like a sad day for Monmouth County. Good work on making it possible for the same old corrupt ways in Monmouth County.

Matthew Morehead said...

Picture this in your mind the republicans walking into the state house with “The Imperial March” from star wars playing in the background……it gives me a laugh and makes me sick all at the same time…..

Anonymous said...

Mayor Clownberg alert- update. He is now blaming a lack of money from the County for his loss and that the top of the ticket was weak and he'd have been better for the Assembly or Freeholder. Is this guy dimented or what?