Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lonegan Campaign Chairman Bashes Christie Ad

Lonegan for Governor Chairman Hank Butehorn issued the following statement addressing Chris Christie's Web Ad attacking Steve Lonegan:

"This ad mocking Steve Lonegan’s eyesight is a new low for the Christie campaign. Christie has avoided discussing issues and having debates with Steve Lonegan because he knows that when he does, Republican primary voters will see Christie for what he is: a big government liberal with ethics problems. Instead, he’s chosen to make ads that mock Steve’s vision.

We expect this kind of cheap shot from the liberals who run Saturday Night Live, not the liberals running the Christie campaign. Chris Christie should apologize immediately." - Hank Butehorn, Chairman, Lonegan for Governor, 5/6/09

Link to the Christie Web Ad:


Anonymous said...

My uncle, Tom Farrell, was one of the smartest strongest best thinkers in the world. Due to whooping cough he developed a vision problem at an early age. Yet my uncle with little or no vision built up a huge company with his guts and brains. My vote will be cast for Steve Lonegan.
Wayne Pomanowski

Anonymous said...

The Lonegan internals must have dipped again. They're acting like Steve is running far behind...

Baba O'Riley said...

Has political correctness reached this level? The video doesn't make light at all on Lonegan's blindness! It shows his neurotic attitude and his foul language, those clips are all in "Anytown, USA", he had no problem with them.

Since when are Conservatives the PC police?!

The Lonegan campaign is desperate here Art.

Anonymous said...

This works well..
From Your Page:
"Over zealous political correctness is just another form of bigotry. It narrows the mind and disallows thoughts that are not from a like mind. Oddly enough, this is done in the name of diversity." - Lugar96 (Joe Hadden)

mike halfacre said...

I find it interesting that footage from a documentary that Lonegan fully participated in and gave full access to the makers of, is now making him a "victim".

I am sorry that Hank has taken on the liberal mantle of victimhood on Lonegan's behalf. When this footage from "Anytown, USA" was released in theatres, or on DVD, was Lonegan a victim?

No. Only when now, when it reaches a wider audience than the documentary ever reached, does Lonegan become a victim. To quote Tom DeSeno, Good Grief.

Watch the trailer:

Were the filmmakers picking on his sight impairment when they show a Bogota resident calling him a liar, or when they show him asking if there is any way to get a voter from Estonia a faxed in ballot? Or when (gasp) they showed his face?

Come on.

Lonegan and Hank are better than this victim game. Or so I thought.

Anonymous said...

this is all so disappointing, but not very surprising: the cheap shots, misinterpretations, and negativity are adding up to another giant loss for us in Nov., the way this is disintegrating,these last few weeks-focus on the Dems, and grow up, people!..