Monday, March 15, 2010

Little: "There's No Doubt In Frank Pallone's Mind That I Can Beat Him"

Segment 2 of Anna Little's interview with Grace Cangemi is jam packed with red meat for conservatives.

During the first six minutes Little calls for a health care voucher system that would give the poor without insurance coverage control over their medical treatments. She asserts her unabashed pro-life commitment. She declared that Washington is governing now without regard to the constitution, calls for the elimination of the Department of Education and unfunded mandates. She says that the federal government's regulations our stifling the economy and choking the free market system. She calls for school vouchers. All of that in six minutes.

You can view the segment in its entirety here.

The last three minutes are political dynamite. Little says, "When we get to the general election I can beat Frank Pallone. I don't think there is a doubt in Frank Pallone's mind that I can beat Frank Pallone."

Little defends Diane Gooch's legal right to run for the seat without living in the district, but says that she thinks residency will be an issue for the voters of the district. She said she is the best candidate for the GOP nomination because she is the only one with any government experience, because she has lived in the district all of her life and because the people of the district will identify with her. "I am the 6th district," she declared.

Enjoy the red meat. Your on your own for the potatoes.

Elsewhere in the district, the Gooch campaign announced that Monmouth County State Senators Joe Kyrillos, Jennifer Beck and Sean Kean have endorsed Gooch, the Monmouth County Vice Chair and the publisher of the Two River Times.


Anonymous said...

I am sure pallone can't sleep at night thinking about little anna.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that residency is an issue here. The districts are so gerrymandered. CD6 and CD12 intertwine. Plus Gooch works in the district and employs people in the district.

Pallone lives further away from 70%of the residents of the district than Gooch does and he doesn't run a business in the district. In fact he hasn't ever run a business or worked in the private sector. The only people he employs in the district are Acorn workers

Anonymous said...

at least in 6, they're talking about who they need to beat,and why, rather than pick each other apart with nonsensical jabs that mean nothing, as in 12!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that residency is an issue here

You don't think that people in old Bridge, keansburg, perth Amboy and Highlands will care that one of the candidates doesn't live in the district but lives in one of the wealthiest towns in the country. You don't think Pallone will make hay with that?

You are delusional.

Anonymous said...

"the Gooch campaign announced that Monmouth County State Senators Joe Kyrillos, Jennifer Beck and Sean Kean have endorsed Gooch"

Well of course they have. Gooch donated too them. Thats the mistake Sipperelle made. If he had spread some cash around a year ago Halfacre wouldn't stand a chance. You gotta put some cash up front.

Politicians are whores.

Anonymous said...

When an election success is often beating opponent by a percentage point or two, how could we run someone that doesn't live in the district. That will cost at least some points, and that could be the difference between beating Pallone and living with him again.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the discussion is about who can present the best offense. This is much better then playing defense for people with a history of ethics issues and backroom machine style politics of the past.

Anonymous said...

Not only does she not live in the district .

Her husband Michael Gooch gave $1200.00 to ActBlue. a liberal democratic PAC check out their website at
$4800.00 to Texas Democratic Senate candidate Bill White
$6,400.00 to FRANK PALLONE (the guy his wife is running against)
$1000.00 to liberal NY Congresswomen (and rabid anti gun advocate) Carolyn McCarthy.
$1200.00 to Liberal Democratic Senator Chris Dodd.(

According to the website Follow the Money he also gave $50,100.00 (yes you read that right) to Democrat Nassau County Executive Tom Souzzi for his NY Lt. Governor bid and $10,000.00 to Andrew Cuomo.
$1,000.00 to Democratic candidate for NY Governor Glen Poshard.

Of course their were also donations to Sean Kean, Jen Beck, Joe Kyrillos and John Bennett which explains why they are backing a candidate with an inferior resume who does not even live in the District.

NOW I know you are asking why is what her husband donating relevant. Well it is relevant because apparently her biggest selling point is that she can self fund using her husbands fortune.

Oh and btw, Diane Gooch also gave 50 grand to Souzzi

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.58

Yawn- Why don't you stop blogging and get your check book out where you could actually make a difference!!

"Congressman for life" said...

residency will matter a bit, but the income gap is a problem in 6.. again, it's all about spending down Frank's warchest, we'll still be stuck with him, yet again, when all's said and done,unfortunaely..

Anonymous said...

"it's all about spending down Frank's warchest, we'll still be stuck with him, yet again, when all's said and done,unfortunaely"

what a defeatist attitude.

Frank can be beat this year. It will not be easy but it can be done.

it does not take money it takes grass roots. Ask yourself which candidate will the grass roots get behind?

As far as spending down the war chest. Big deal in a year he will have it back up like the election never took place.

Especially with fat cats like Mickey Gooch giving him money.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:58

My checkbook has been out for years. I have also run fundraisers for political candidates and raised thousands of dollars and I haven't gotten any political jobs for doing it.

Can you say the same?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Jen Beck run against Pallone?