Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where's The Outrage?

It has been a week since Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver's racist comments about the Christie administration were published in Tom Moran's NJ Voices column at

In case you missed it, Oliver said:

"The governor’s inner circle is full of white men, she (Oliver) says, most of them political neophytes who have no clue how deeply it cuts when they raise bus fares or take away tax credits from working poor families.

“That’s why it’s so easy for them to sit around a table, slash this, put a line through that,” says Oliver, the first African-American woman to hold her post. “How many of the guys sitting around that table have ever even sat on a bus?”

Moran did not report the remarks as racist. He reported them as if Oliver had a point.

This little blog was the first to point out the racism in Oliver's remarks. InTheLobby picked it up, as did Gannett's Bob Ingle. Ingle often writes powerfully and thoughtfully on matters of race.

Where is the rest of the media outrage? Can you imagine the news coverage had Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce made similar remarks about African American officials. DeCroce's career would have been over.

I don't know if Oliver is a racist, if her remarks were thoughtless or if she was attempting an ugly political ploy as many of the left are attempting to do to Tea Party activists and any opposition to President Obama's agenda. Either way her remarks were inappropriate.

I'd like to think that Oliver is not a racist or employing the race card for political advantage. I'd like to think that her remarks were simply thoughtless and that Moran's use of them in a supportive manner was equally thoughtless. If that is the case, then I think the level of media coverage about these remarks is appropriate enough for Oliver to make a correction and that she should be safe from a media "high tech lynching," to quote Clarence Thomas.

I think the next time a Caucasian leader makes similar thoughtless remarks, that he or she should be similarly spared.


Scared to go there said...

I think everyone is so numb at the daily theft of all our liberties and our money, plus the fear of being ripped apart if anyone even dares to wonder if in fact other races can/do play a racecard, that they just don't even want to engage in a (probably necessary) discussion of old hatreds and misconceptions, reverse discriminations, and how to balance the payers with the payees, so that we all can live..also, that "big-brother" is becoming more intrusive, disruptive, and punishing to us know, the "nowhere to run, nowhere to hide" and the "get-me-outa-here," kind of feeling!

Anonymous said...

If I got outraged every time some dumd ass politician opened their pir whole I would already be dead from a freaking heart attack.

Anonymous said...

THE left's last hope is to keep the people divided right against left and black against white ....when the true weight of O's spending comes to bare it's weight on us all who do you think will be hurt the most ?the least ?

ambrosiajr said...

Scared to go there...please explain to me which "liberties" you have lost or have been taken from you. Its like one giant non-descript mantra. I don't know about you, but I still get to get up every day and go to work. I still get to vote in any election. I still get to go from one state to another without having to show my I.D. I still get to...well, you get the idea. Please let me know what "liberties" you are missing.

If you want to talk big brother...I'll give you that one thanks to that all encompassing Patriot Act. But, that's been in place for nearly a decade now. Did you stand up against that when it was initiated? Or did you just go along with your crowd. Hmmm...

I've been asking this question for a while now, and no one can specifically tell me which "liberties" have been taken away from them.

Funny that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and we lost soooo many rights because of the patriot act. i sooo feel kike I live in a dictatorship;

Anonymous said...


I guess if you were against the Patriot Act, and federal intrusion, you must also be against Obamacare for the same reasons...both threats to liberty...or are you a hypocrite?

ambrosiajr said...

I never said I was against the Patriot did I. I only pointed out the big brother aspect to "scared to go there".

Also, please point to me where the intrusion lies with Health Care Reform. Is it the fact that you will be required to purchase insurance? If it is, I would rather have someone purchase insurance than go to the emergency room when they're sick with no insurance and no money and then I as a taxpayer, picks up the tab. What about you? Would you rather pay than the person requiring care?

And again, I ask you, what liberties have been taken away from you? Please be specific and not with the general mantra of the right. No one has been able to tell me that. I have been able to do everything I did BEFORE. What have you NOT been able to do now that you were allowed to do before.

m said...

regardless of what you would rather have someone do it is a restriction of freedom to require the purchase of insurance.

The fact of the matter is this. The Government will be unable to afford the Health care it gives out now never mind the health care it will give out under the new plan without serious reductions in cost.
Realistically there are only two ways the government is going to reduce costs. The first way is to ration care. The second way is price controls. Price controls will drive medical providors out of the system. This will reduce options available to consumers.

Either way our freedom to choose health care will be restricted by govt. action.

It is simple economics

ambrosiajr said...

Why is're required to have car insurance. You're required to pay for a whole slew of things you don't want. Do you like paying income taxes? Sales tax? Property taxes? Aren't you required to pay for permits to upgrade your house? Isn't that a restriction on your freedoms? Can't make any significant improvements to your home unless you pay for that right.

I could give you countless others. That argument that your freedom is taken away because you're asked to pay for something that we now pay for, one way or the other, is somehow infringing a liberty. What a bunch of baloney.

M said...

I do not think I should have to get car insurance (although I would anyway) However that requirement is slightly different as it is not for my own protection but for the protection of others. In many states you do not have to have car insurance.

I also do not think I should have to get permits to work on my own house.

If forcing me to buy a product i don't want and maybe do not need is not a restriction on my freedom I don't know what is.

I am not a libertarian or a anarchist. I understand that living in a civil society involves some restriction on my Freedom the question is when do you say enough is enough.

I for one have had enough. the Government can take its health care plan and shove it.