Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Tea Party Just Elected a Democrat

Press Release

There is something news worthy at the Jersey Shore and it’s not Snooki. The Jersey Shore Tea Party, a Tea Party Group operating in Monmouth County and not connected to the reality show, endorsed and unanimously elected a Democrat to serve as the organization’s Vice President, Mark Falzon. Mark was a former Democratic Committee person for consecutive terms in District 36, Middletown, NJ. Jersey Shore Tea Party also re-elected Rem Hunnewell, a member of the Monmouth County GOP Committee as president.

The previous VP, Martin Driffill endorsed Mark. Martin is focusing on a new initiative entitled Planet Jump Off that hopes to spark an entrepreneurial revival to counteract the wave of socialism being implemented by the federal government. Martin Driffill comments; “It was an easy call, Mark sticks to the principles of the movement and he is a patriot above the party. He respects the US Constitution as our ruling document. I can’t think of anyone who has given more of themselves to the Tea Party movement than Mark. I gave Mark my endorsement and my vote without hesitation and I will give Mark my full support moving forward”.

Mark Falzon has represented the Tea Party in the media including the Mark Levine Radio Program, Hot Tea Radio and on the Fox News Channel and is also the State of NJ Coordinator for the National Tea Party Patriots. He was quick to address his new role as the Jersey Shore Tea Party’s Vice President. “I wanted to challenge incumbent Congressman Pallone in the Democratic primary and give Democratic constituents a choice other than big government and socialist ideals. I was originally on the ballot. Democratic lawyers prevented that, now I want to change my role but never stop the fight against the radical agenda of Democrats in DC. An agenda Mr. Pallone not only embraces but plays a leading role… agenda where a veneer of normalcy hides a corrupt DC mentality. People in the Tea Party movement come in all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds but we have one thing in common, we want our God given rights, the preservation of our American Republic and a federal government operating within the rule of law. I hope that my fellow Democrats will give the Tea Party another look and not just rely on the intentional derogatory stories planted by politicians and the press.

President Rem Hunnewell said “I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the past 12 months. The goal for the next 12 months, following the November elections, will be to further organizational development and member recruitment. We have a tremendous talent pool, a very committed membership and strong relationships with Tea Party groups all over New Jersey, especially our sister groups, Bayshore Tea Party Group and Ocean County Citizens For Freedom. With Mark’s position as a Tea Party Patriot State Coordinator we now also have joined a national platform.


Michael said...

For those of you who think the tea party is a republican spinoff, think again. This is just 1 of the many stories that prove that the tea parties are more than willing to work with both political parties - PROVIDED they are doing what's best for the people and the country, not what they think is best.

The tea in tea party is an acronym, (that means it stands for something). It means Taxed Enough Already, hence T.E.A. or tea. It is not a political party - like the dems or repubs, but a group of politically active people who have had enough of what the progressives and liberals are doing to our once great country.

Gene Baldassari said...

Based on the candidates that they choose, the Republican and Democrats are both big spending monopolies. If you look at the NJ and USA legislatures, almost everyone of the legislators were chosen by their respective parties.

They have caused us to lose America with their reckless spending and tyrannical government.

So, the tea parties should not restrict their actions to the monopolies, but they should also look at ways to crack the monopolies with alternate parties and independents.

Anonymous said...

Tea Party would have credibility if it stayed away from birther movement, idolozing Sarah Palin etc, which they still do.

Anonymous said...


I suggest you attend a few more tea party meetings. There are many diverse opinions there and we don't all idolize Sarah Palin or demand to see Obama's birth certificate. Try it, you'll like it!