Thursday, July 12, 2007

Judge recuses himself in Rasta, Honest Abe Cases

Citing a conflict of interest, Judge John T. Mullaney, Jr recused himself in the cases of Purcell v Monmouth Rastaman and Migliaccio v Honest Abe and would not consider the Motions to Approve Letters Rogatory to request the California Court approve the Subpoena issued to Google, Inc. for identifying information for “Monmouth Rastaman” and "Honest Abe."

According to notices posted on Attorney Tommy DeSeno's Jersey Shore blog, neither Rastaman or Honest Abe filed responses to DeSeno's motions. One would expect that given no opposition, DeSeno's motion would be granted.

DeSeno confirmed that Judge Mullaney recused himself but would not comment as to the nature of the conflict. The motions have been rescheduled for July 20 before Judge Jamie Perry.

The obvious questions is, "How can a judge have a conflict with two anonymous defendants?"

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