Friday, July 13, 2007

Why did Judge recuse himself?

Judge Mullaney's refusal to explain his conflict of interest in both the Honest Abe and MonmouthRastaman cases raises some serious and troubling questions.

Maybe his honor's conflict is as simple as owning Google stock. That would be understandable and not at all controversial. Why not say so?

By not explaining his conflict in unchallenged motions involving anonymous defendants, Mullaney opens a legal and political can of worms.

Does he know who both Rastaman and Abe are? If so, does that make him a potential witness the the cases? If he knows, how does he know?

Maybe the judge is Rasta or Abe! Wouldn't that be something. If that were so, I imagine he would have recused himself a long time ago and responded to the suit.

Mullaney is a Middletown Republican. Did someone with influence ask the judge to delay the cases and make it more difficult for Attorney Tommy DeSeno? Who would have the juice to do that successfully? Why would someone with that kind of influence do so, and put their own integrity and the judge's integrity at risk? If this happened, it is very likely that these civil matters will become criminal cases.

While I made light of it earlier in the week, DeSeno confirmed that he has been threatened by MonmouthRastaman. It is very likely that a crime has been committed. Was the judge also threatened?

If the speculation over MonmouthRastaman's identity proves to be true, careers will be ruined and the Monmouth GOP will suffer deep embarrassment. There will probably electoral losses that will spill over to good candidates who had nothing to do with Rasta's offenses, but who are complicit by their silence.

In my opinion, only one of those suspected would have the juice to get to the judge. The others suspected have mentors with the juice. While I doubt DeSeno's client, Jim Purcell, would settle his complaint at this point, it would be a good idea for the Monmouth GOP, and for the individuals involved to settle this case, legally and without any further threats or crimes.

As much as it would give me personal satisfaction to see Rasta exposed and embarrassed, a settlement would be an expedient result, so long as it had enforceable constraints that would prevent the individuals involved from engaging in future defamatory and criminal activities.


Teddy Roosevelt said...

Knowing the Judge (from before he was a judge) I would say there is about a zero chance that he is Ratsa. As far as someone getting to him I can not imagine that anyone thinks that he recusing himself would do any more then create a 2 week delay. Remember half our judges are Democrats.
Therefore the logical conclusion would have to be that nothing nefarious is going on.
However, to dispell any questions the judge should put his conflict on the record.

A settlement! pure heresy if there are party officials behind this they must be exposed for the good of the party.

Anonymous said...

"A settlement! pure heresy if there are party officials behind this they must be exposed for the good of the party."

Teddy, I agree with you. The people behind this need to be exposed. Will that cause the Republicans to not win elections this year? Well, if they all remain silent, sure. But the outcome could be that the bad party officials are ousted and that void could be filled with responsible, dedicated people who are willing to help grow the party and get the COUNTY COMMITTEE MEMBERS INVOLVED AND HAVE A SAY.

Anonymous said...

let's not forget that the honest abe case isn't really about honest abe. it's about someone who anonymously posted a libelous statement about a woman in howell who was a dibella critic

this was during the days when dibella was running for freeholder against anna little.

anyone remember who from middletown was running dibella's campaign at the time?

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Anonymous said...

Art i think Brendan Tobin is stronger than you!

Art Gallagher said...

Anonymous said...
Art i think Brendan Tobin is stronger than you!

Maybe so. But he is not nearly as good looking