Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Lady in Red

20 ethics laws with no teeth. We'll have to wait for the lame duck session when Senators under indictment can vote for real reforms.

No bills to prevent Farm Land Assessment Abuse.

Senator Karcher-Hochberg's running mates have ads running on cable TV too. They sound like tax cutting Republicans. If they really are tax cutting reformers, why are the state Democrats, unions and special interests spending so much money to get them elected?

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Teddy Roosevelt said...

I can think of 100 resons not to vote for Ellen Karcher. Ethics reform is not one of them and quite frankly I do not believe you will be able to sell it to the public.
She has bucked her own party , she has passed legislation though it is far from perfect and she did wear the wire. We hardened cynical politicos can pooh pooh all that and question her sincerity but we are deluding ourselves if we think that the public will buy that she is not a reformer. We are further deluded if we think a lobbyist can sell that they will be more effective on ethics issues. We can believe it and it may be true but Joe Public is going to be skeptical.
As I said there are 100 other reasons not to vote for ultra liberal Karcher. Going after those would be a better strategy.

Let me be clear befoer I am mobbed by Republicans. This is not a defense of Karcher this is a critique of a approach being used by Republicans to unseat her.

If we want to beat her we must be realistic about what will work.