Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Puharic's disgraceful comments warrant his resignation

If Dan Gallic's blog posting of a cleaver retelling of the ant and the grasshopper fable are enough to warrant him losing a job, then certainly Adam Puharic's orignial comments poking fun at those inflicted with mental retardation and a weak gene pool require the same.
Puharic's comments are far more offensive than Gallic's, especially considering Adam's background and personal experiance.

Puharic made his name in large part as the co-founder of Michael's Feat, a charity that was created in memory of Puharic’s newborn son, Michael, who lost his life to a serious chromosome disorder.

Puharic owes those with mental and genetic disorders a heartfelt apology. He owes the Monmouth GOP his resignation.


Barry Goldwater said...

"As a result, people who gain monetarily or are mentally unstable make up the majority of political operatives available to a chairman as willing workers..."

Is this a comment on all campaigns, or just his?

Sort of raises a "chicken and the egg" question: What came first: anonymous bloggers and the effect they have on producing quality campaign workers, or a new Chairman and the effect it had on producing quality campaign workers?

Anonymous said...

I can think of a lot of reasons for him to resign....why doesn't he JUST DO IT!!!!! GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't we Republicans? People losing their positions over politically incorrect statements is for Democrats. If Adam Puharic is to be removed as the Monmouth County Republican Chairman, it should be done at the convention where people who believe he's not worthy of another term can vote against him.

In his defense, Puharic's not so out of line. I read Art's blog because it maintains a level of civility and intelligence. A lot of the blogs I've glanced at don't. I know there's one blogger that refers to him as the Pu-Pu Platter. I'll admit when I saw that, the word retard popped into my head.

Should Puharic have chosen his words mopre carefully? Yes. Should he apologize? Probably. Should he lose his chairmanship? No.

Let's not emulate the Democrats.


Teddy Roosevelt said...

I must disagree.
We Republicans are not supposed to be politically correct.
We do not need political correctdness.
Everyone in the world just needs thicker skin.

Words only hurt us if we let them.

Know if you want to argue that what he said was stupid.... or dare I say retarded.. I would agree.

I.M. Confused said...

What comments from Puharic are you referring to? Was it something he said at the Lincoln Day dinner?

Anonymous said...

Sadly it is now Adams Feat - in his mouth

Teddy Roosevelt said...

uhh thats now not know. I must proof before I hit send

Teddy Roosevelt said...

speaking of The Lincoln day dinner No one is reporting on that this year. Art? Abe? Barry?

Anonymous said...

All feelings for Puharic aside,
Teddy's right,
This doesn't need to made into a huge ordeal.

Anonymous is right: Let a challenger, or challengers come forth and let them go against Puharic at the convention in June fair and square.

Anonymous said...

no challengers will come forth because they know puharic will win just like last time. anyone can criticize from their arm chair, but it takes a lot more to actually make things work--and its a lot harder than it used to be through no fault of adam's. that's not to say he's perfect, but under the circumstances, he's doing a good job--we had a huge crowd at lincoln day the other night--people aren't jumping off the ship to the dems despite horrible national and local climate for republicans right now.

Barry Goldwater said...

I pout up a short Lincoln Day piece today.

Anonymous said...

Here is what Adam should have said. The blogs have become an outlet for fraddy-cats to post terrible comments about people in a way where they can hide and be safe. No guts. Those that post under the name when they go after people are fine. Its a part of the process. Those that attack under "no name" are chicken cowards!