Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DiBella not seeking second term

The Mayor of Howell issued the following statement on

Statement from Mayor DiBella

Mayor Joseph M. DiBella
Township of Howell, NJ

March 18, 2008

After weeks of thoughtful consideration and discussions with my wife and children, I have elected not to seek a second term as your Mayor. This was not an easy decision to reach because I sincerely enjoy being Mayor of our wonderful community. For me this was a difficult and deeply personal decision. However, having served as a councilman for two years and now nearly four as your Mayor, I believe it is time to step aside for now and allow others to have the awesome privilege of serving Howell Township.

I am making this announcement now because the filing deadline for re-election is upon us and I wanted the matter resolved so that I may focus exclusively on fulfilling the balance of my term without any personal or partisan distractions.

As I reflect upon my time in office I am humbled by the incredible privilege you have bestowed upon me to lead our community. There is no calling more important or more fulfilling as public service and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity this community has given me. Being Mayor of Howell Township has been one of the highlights of my life and the experiences I have endured will stay with me forever.

Without having to spend time on seeking re-election I shall now be able to devote all of my time and efforts towards carrying out the balance of my term this year with absolute clarity and focus. 2008 has only just begun and we have many daunting and complex issues to overcome as a community.

While I am proud of the many things I have been a part of these last nearly six years I know there is still much to be done. Accordingly, I remain completely focused and committed towards fulfilling my duties as Mayor and doing everything I can to make our community a better place. Thank you.
Most Respectfully
Joseph M. DiBella

The Mayor should consider seeking the U.S. Senate seat. I'm not joking. He would be a good candidate.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a good idea. Better yet, he should run for the Freeholder nomination....oh wait a minute.....he did that last year....and won the nomination... but then got screwed. Why would the guy want to put himself through this crap? He is way to talented to be fooing around with this nonsense.