Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Look to the 7th Congressional District for a U.S Senate candidate

With 10 candidates vying for the nomination to fill the Congressional seat being vacated by Mike Ferguson, the 7th Congressional District would appear to have a wealth of Republican talent that is apparently lacking in the rest of the state.

Leonard Lance and Kate Whitman have the best name recognition of the field. One of them should enter the U.S. Senate race.

I think Whitman would stand the best chance against Lautenberg, and might even have a better shot at beating Lautenberg than she does to defeat Linda Stender in the 7th.


Eric said...

I agree. Whitman probably has a better chance against Lautenberg than she does against Stender.

I am going to add her name to the poll over at RedJersey.net.

Anonymous said...

Bored millionaires or the offspring of former Governors are our only choices to run for Senate?

If we can't do better than Thomas, Earl of Kean, Lady Estabrook or Baroness Von Whitman, then we don't deserve to win.