Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monmouth and Ocean GOP delegates to have say in Senate Race

The Asbury Park Press reports that Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam Puharic and Ocean GOP Chairman George Gilmore will let their conventions choose between Joe Pennacchio and Murray Sabrin for their respective ballot lines for U.S Senate.

This is like choosing between the 62 Mets and Rich Kotite's 96 Jets as the best sports team in history.

Unless a viable candidate emerges in the next couple of days, I'll be casting a write in vote for Joe Kyrillos and praying that a viable candidate files for the primary before the deadline.


Eric Sedler said...

I'm thinking about starting a write-in campaign for Kyrillos...

We need a third option..there is almost no way around it.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Thats it go for the luke warm career politician with no clear ideology. Not a bold idelogue who can clearly differentiate himself from the ultra liberal.

That is what is wrong with the NJ Republican Party.

Eric Sedler said...

then who do you suggest Teddy? Or are you happy with losing badly, because that's where our two options lead right now.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Loose badly, Maybe,(although I think that pronouncement may be premature) but so would your choice.

Don't get me wrong Kyrillos is a nice enough guy but he couldn't even win a congresional seat when he was at the hieght of his popularity.

If we are going to loose lets do it with a candidate who will shake things up. Pennachio and Sabrin would both do that.

Anonymous said...

I'll make my decision between the two guys who are actually running instead of begging someone who didn't want to run.

It's too late to start recruiting bigger, more viable candidates. We should have done that at least two years ago. That's why we will see Lautenburg re-elected. It's time to start thinking about who will run against Corzine and then Menendez. The Lautenburg race, barring a miracle, is done.

If the more qualified candidates were scared off by Estabrook's money, shame on them, because she had nothing else going for her.


TR said...

I like this Lugar 96 guy

Anonymous said...

the funniest thing is that any of you guys or girls think kyrillos would have a better shot than a snowflake in hell. he is not running because he is all about self preservation. this is why he has been stuck in trenton for twenty years with no hope of escape (except for a brief possibility with the mormon tabernacle choir with mitt romney). fear of losing has paralyzed him politically for a long time