Monday, March 17, 2008

GOP Senate Race takes a very weird turn

U.S. Senate candidate Murray Sabrin today released a 94 page Nationalist Agenda, written by Sabrin's opponent for the GOP nomination, State Senator Joe Pennacchio, in 1991. Sabrin went on to call for Pennacchio to leave the Senate race and resign his seat in the NJ legislature.

Sabrin campaign manager George Ajjan said that the document "was provided to us and has been floating around for a while." "People are shocked and appalled by Pennacchio's un-American positions."

Pennacchio campaign manager Dan Gallic played down the significance of the document. "Some of the ideas are good, some are not so good. Senator Pennacchio's positions have evolved since 1991 and his voting record is a better indication of who he is. Just as Murray Sabrin has evolved from a pro-drug, pro-prostitution gubernatorial candidate in 1997, Pennacchio's positions have evolved in the last 17 years."

Gallic dismissed Sabrin's call for Pennacchio's withdrawal from the race and resignation from the NJ Senate. "Murray is a bit of a nut and has overplayed his hand."

When asked if he expected another candidate to enter the race, Ajjan said, "It doesn't really matter. Murray is running on his record and the same message of limited government that he's been espousing since 1969."

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