Friday, March 21, 2008

Milgram gets hits left and right

Blue Jersey has two posts calling for Attorney General Anne Milgram to resign. Juan must be hanging out with Murray Sabrin.

From the right, "Barry Goldwater" spanks Milgram for chasing down hardened cyber gossipers on a website targeted to college kids and other trivia, well ignoring the BPU slush fund run by Corzine's Fox, and the EnCap scandal.

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A Lawyer said...

Her approach to the Gossip site is very interesting.

They advertise that they do not allow the type of content that is appearing on the site.

This is a violation of the consumer fraud act.

The way around that is to say OK post whatever you want but then they open themselves up to liability for laible.

Either way they are screwed.

Bad Business Model