Thursday, March 13, 2008

Puharic warming to Pennacchio

After failing to change the game with Joe Kyrillos or Rudy Giuliani, Adam Puharic told Politikernj, that he's "growing more comfortable with Monmouth County Republicans getting behind his (Pennacchio's) candidacy for U.S. Senate." It is good to see Puharic riding the horse in the direction its going.

Politikernj also said that Puharic's opponents are trying to recruit former Sheriff Joe Oxley to run against Puharic in June.

Oxley could have won the chairmanship by acclamation in 2006, but declined to run. He is widely respected throughout the county and could unite a deeply divided party.

I will be very surprised if Oxley runs.


Monmouth County Pennachio Supporter said...

At this point does anyone care what he is comfortable with.

Anonymous said...