Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where do you sign? Right here!

Download the petition for the county you are registered to vote it. Read the instructions. Sign it, get other registered voters from your county to sign it, and send it to:

The Committee to Recall Jon Corzine
from the Office of Governor
Carl Bergmanson, Chairman
P.O. Box 21
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

1.3 million signatures are necessary to get the recall on the ballot this year. Obviously the recall process was designed by the all powerful in Trenton to make it impossible for a recall to succeed. But, that was before Al Gore invented the Internets.


ambrosiajr said...

This is ridiculous...

Does anyone really think that he's done something so egregious that he needs to be recalled? Its not like he spent money on hookers or anything (that we know of)...or put his lover(S)on the state payroll.

All he's done is try and get us out of a mess he inherited from past malfeasance. Geesshh.

Did Murray ask for his resignation yet?

kathy said...

Gore brought us the "internets" while Bush's "stategery" brought us to the abyss. As for a recall, we already have that option - it's called an election.

Eric Sedler said...

I'm signing it if I see it somewhere...I don't know if I want to download and go through that whole thing..

Besides I'm hoping the state dems are stupid enough to let him run in 09'.

At this point almost anyone could beat him.

The Flying Piglet said...


When you're unhappy, cuz your gov'nor is whacky,
You can always try, ...

It's never-endin', all your money he's spendin',
This will help, I know, ...

Just listen to the music of the unions in the city,
Linger on the sidewalk, --- just how'd things get so shitty?,
How can you lose??

The lights are much brighter there...
He has forgotten your troubles; he just doesn't care,
so let's,..

-- things will be great when he's, ...
-- He'll find a job for sure, ...
-- everything depends on you.

(Recall .... Recall ... )

Don't wait around, while Jersey's taxes un-house you,
There are ways to go, ...

Maybe you know some little place he can go to,
Where it never snows, ...

Just listen to the lessons learned out west, in California,
You'll be dancing with 'em, too, before the night is over,

Happy again...

The lights are much brighter now,
If we can forget all his wild schemes; forget our despair,
if we, ...

-- where all the lights are bright
-- waiting for you to fight
-- we're gonna be all right now...

(Recall...Recall...Recall... )

... Recall!

... Recall!

And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you;
A Governor who's just like you and likes the gentle voter to
Guide them along...

Well, maybe, not in this life,

But let's forget all our troubles; forget all our cares,
And let's, ...

-- won't it be great if he's
-- don't wait a minute more
-- we just might be all right now...

Recall...Recall (fade)