Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jim Hogan responds to Judge McLeod and commentors

Art, sorry to hijack your blog, but I think this is worth me taking the time out of real campaign work to reply. :-)

Mr. McLeod says:
"He apparently believes that everything which comes before courts is a waste of taxpayers' money.... I happen to agree that much of what goes on in courts is a ritualistic travesty and a waste of taxpayers money"

So I'm again confused by your "decision", sir. Are you condemning me for believing "much of what goes on in courts is a ritualistic travesty and a waste of taxpayers money" or are you agreeing with me, but still condemning for something you agree with? Why does this situation sound familiar? We'll need a decision please; actually, no big deal if you can't decide, we're used to that, maybe it's easier if you just leave this bad answer and ask the nexy guy, Frank, as I march over him all summer long and through November.

If people are interested in serious discussions of [more than 4] national [and local] issues [that aren't just the same scripted, typical, standard position papers] my website has been up [since I got into this race] for a month now at the easy to find and easy to remember URL It contains some honest, passionate, truthful, emotional and also researched discussions [of dozens] of important public issues that were written by me personally, not a PR guy, and not edited, reviewed, approved or screened by any third party. The casual "average Joe" approach to discussing the issues will provide a stark contrast to Mr. McLeod's tiresome dissertations that Average Joe isn't going to waste time downloading in propriatray, potentially virus containing, MS Word .DOC format.

James P. Hogan
"Not a one word candidate... with a website"
- Eric S - Would I have to pay royalties on those slogans? :)
I'm sorry that we don't agree on every position - I think trying to get people to agree on every position is irrational and unlikely - I do hope that I've addressed enough other issues that are important to you and that I've explained enough about who I am that I can EARN your support, even though you can't vote for me. If I don't get your support on those issues, at least you and I know that you're not supporting someone who stands for something opposite what you want. Are you sure that Mr. McLeod supports the positions important to you? I still haven't seen him address many of the issues, can you help me find those positions in case he wins the nomination in June? Regarding an interview with your website, again, I'm easy enough to find and contact. As for the geese issue - you'd be AMAZED at how many people really get passionate one way or the other about those disgusting creatures, strange it may seem, but its a real issue around here, and a real waste of money to pay to protect them then pay to undo the protection so that we can pay to chase. I'm all for letting the locals deal with it - not the federal goverment - obviously enough people in Long Branch (and Colt's Neck) are willing to spend the money to get rid of them - if only they didn't have to pay so many times to get rid of them. If "the local people" want to protect them - let them pay their local leaders once to protect them, seems easy/obvious to me.

- My friend, Mr. Goldwater (*IF* that's your real name!) :) - you haven't seen anything yet - wait until I get to take on "Mr. Environment" Frank Pallone (hint: see my page on Monmouth Park, or the FEMA Re-Zone, or any other page on my easy to find website) - not only will I be self promoting better than Don King - I'll be pushing the wrecking ball over the eggshell that protects Pallone.

- ambrosiajr - "impossible" has never stopped me before. "Impossible" is what gives me motivation to succeed. You are correct that winning this race is a dream of mine - who hasn't dreamed of a better place than what Pallone has left us with? And I believe that I stand for making this district, and country, a better place. We'll find out if I can reach enough people who have also dreamed of a better place soon enough. Impossible? Possibly. But I'll be out on the streets bright and early tomorrow morning continueing my door to door effort. It's not easy, and it may seem "impossible", but I'm no quiter and if I lose, it will be because I just didn't get to knock on enough doors. Your help by just telling a friend or two would be HUGE to me.

- Teddy - (*IF* that's your real name!) - I'm glad I have your support - I just hope that I've EARNED your support through my positions and explaining who I am and as I tell everyone else, if there are issues important to you that I haven't addressed, I'm easy to contact - through my easy to find website - let me know what is important to you and I'll do the research needed to learn about the issue and you'll know where I stand on the issues important to you. Even if it means that I lose your support, I'd rather you know where I stand on issues important to you rather than assume, and assume wrong, and be upset me with when I'm in office next year. Again, thank you for your support and I hope that I can continue to earn and win that support for at least the next two and half years or so.

- Lugar96 - Aren't you also the same person who accused me of being a Murray Sabrin clone on Barry's blog? Please find where Murray has written or indicated his positions on the issues I've addressed. The fact is (as you noted) that Murray and I share a number of *similar* positions on some national issues that are important to me personally, namely youth rights and foreign policy, which is what makes it logical for me to be a Murray supporter and for Murray to support my candidacy in return, and thus for us to run together on a line. No reason to go after McLeod? I'm not sure I was "going after him" - I simply provided my own conclusions to my own research of who I'm running against, because I couldn't find a website for the guy with the election around the corner. I'm pretty sure that I remember meeting you as well and you seem like a stand up guy who is interested in the issues. If it's issues you are concerned with, I've outlined where I stand on a number of those and I'm willing to lose support based on issues. It's your decision to make and I respect your right to make your own decision, but I personally I think it's crazy to not even consider the issues because you associate me with whatever group label you associate with Murray Sabrin. Again, I've outlined as best I can exactly who I am and what I stand for and have made clear decisions. If you have more questions about me or the issues, then once again, easy to find, easy to contact, blah blah blah... ... :)

- Art - I'm glad I make you laugh and if making you laugh is enough to EARN your support, I can try to come up with a knock-knock joke section or something on my easy to find website, just for you, once I've addressed ALL of the other real issues, including the real issue of the fricken geese that Eric find strange. Please note that I too am laughing because you chose to copy/paste my email in the exact state as it was sent; who'd of thunk something I wrote was "copy/paste" worthy!? My writing skills must be improving already. And again, sorry to hijack your blog, but I feel like thanks to your blog, we at least got to know a little bit about Mr. McLeod and now we know where he stands on *4* issues that every republican has the same stand on anyway....


Barry Goldwater said...

He needs to give his keyboard some Immodium. Shit is all over the place.

Eric Sedler said...

hahaha. His rants are pretty entertaining..but still..we have to remember this is the race to go against Frank Pallone.

I ask again..why the hell not James Hogan?!

I like McLeod's spunk in responding though.

By the way, I did some google search on the third guy in the race, Peter Cerrato. Turns out the one thing I got was that he was a full time stamp collector who owns a stamp shop in edison.

Check out his comment on this story:

He's "stamptongs"

Can we please get him on here? haha.