Thursday, May 01, 2008

Farewell "Teddy Roosevelt"

Blogger "Teddy Roosevelt", the Monmouth BullMoose, retires from blogging today. As TR ends one mysterious adventure, I wish him well on his next.

TR has consistently added insight and sanity to ongoing conversation dedicated to improving Monmouth County and reforming the Monmouth County Republican Party.

In his final post, TR sums up what this blog and others are about:

For 5 years now there have been dedicated Republicans who have been fighting for a Monmouth County Republican party that is democratic, that is interested in public service not personal gain, that is interested in solutions not ego gratification and that wants to find a new way to do political business not just find loopholes to new rules. There have been victories and there have been bitter defeats but progress has been made. Some may say we are naive dreamers or even crazies who will destroy the party but I think not. In fact I think we are on the verge of victory. I smell change in the air. I feel the masses rising up and saying enough. I regret I will not be here to see the final victory but I shall certainly be watching from afar.

In addition to his insight and leadership, I admire TR for his maintaining his anonymity. As a former anonymous blogger I have heard all the arguments pro and con about anonymous writing. This I know...whoever TR is, he is no coward. His writings have never been about advancing his self interest. His writings have been with made with the purpose of advancing good government in Monmouth County and with the purpose of reforming the Monmouth County Republican Party. Like TR, I believe those purposes go hand in hand.

I don't know who TR is. The truth is I never cared that much until he announced that he was leaving. My friendship was with his ideas. Despite his protests to the contrary, I believe he will be very much a part of the coming battle.

He says he can smell change in the air and he believes victory is at hand. There is reason for optimism, but greed is a cunning enemy who has grabbed power and money from victorious reformers before and will never stop trying. Progress has been made, and our purpose is about to advance greatly. However, the struggle doesn't end until they throw dirt on your face. The face of the enemy changes from time to time. Sometimes it appears in the mirror.

Godspeed my friend.

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