Monday, June 09, 2008

Adam shot his load...

and then some.

Adam Puharic told the Asbury Park Press he was not seeking another term as MCGOP chairman because he needed to focus on making money in his new career as an insurance salesman.

"It's a reminder of a powerful lesson you learn in politics, that if you go to war you have to have enough money to reload," Puharic said.

Far from having enough money to reload, Puharic leaves the MCGOP a debt of $30,000 and is seeking to be reimbursed for another $6,000 he says he charged to his personal credit cards on behalf of the party.

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one of the little people said...

Good riddance to the most divisive chairman in the history of the Monmouth Republican party.His departure leaves all the people in Monmouth County with hope for the future. Perhaps with hope for representatives of the people,by the people and for the people..Repesentatives that understand the people want effective,efficient,open,bipartisan government. We can only hope and pray....and Joe Oxley may just be the answer to those prayers.