Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Attention MCGOP County Committee Members


There are rumors flying through Republican circles that certain self interested parties intend to disrupt or delay Joe Oxley's election as Monmouth County Republican Chairman tonight by procedural means.

The alleged culprits will seek demand a quorum call for the committee. If there is not a quorum of elected county committee members present, the insurgents will assert that there is no convention and that election results are invalid, thereby leaving us without a chairman, or with Adam Puharic continuing as chairman.

"Where there's smoke there is usually fire and things have been too quiet up till today" said my source.

A strong turnout will prevent this from happening.

Please, get yourself to Colts Neck High School tonight and vote for our new chairman.

The convention is being paid for by the MCGOP.



In May, Middletown Republican Brian Nelson said he would not be a candidate for chairman. Is that still the case then?

Go to the politcker to see it at: http://politickernj.com/max/19805/nelson-wont-pursue-gop-chairmanship-monmouth

ambrosiajr said...

I'm glad to hear that Art. Thank you for checking.