Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No quorum required

Mark Sheridan, General Counsel of the NJ GOP, told MoreMonmouthMusings that NJ Election Law, Title 19, does not require that a quorum be present for the county committee to select a chairman.

Sheridan said that if there is a contested race, that the parties should agree to the rules before the convention and that the convention should adopt the rules as its first order of business. This has been how conventions were run during the several times that Sheridan served as parliamentarian of Monmouth GOP conventions.

Hopefully there will be a great turnout tonight and there will be no procedural maneuvers that will prevent the committee from electing Joe Oxley by acclamation, as our elected legislators, freeholders and constitutional officers called for in their letters to the committee.

Let's all head over the Colts Neck.

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