Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No longer waiting for Mike to call me back

On a personal note, regular readers will remember that my wife and I have been shopping for trees.

Most commentors, and also Mike apparently because he never called back, thought I was making it up and being political when I called Ellen Karcher's campaign last October after her husband was quoted by the Asbury Park Press as selling 25-30 foot trees for $100. That was a great deal. I really wanted to buy those trees.

While they are not 25-30 feet tall, and they cost more than $100, we are happy with our 16 foot Japanese Cedars. They will be 20 feet before we know it.

Thanks to Paul Ingalese of Chapel Hill Nursery in Middletown for locating the trees and getting them in the ground.


Eric Sedler said...

I still laugh when I read the trees post...

Mike Premo, aka "Wooly Willy" was such a tool, it was sweet beating all three of his candidates.

I hope he returns for the Panter for Assembly race...

I'm going to love seeing Mike "I banned dual office holding" Panter again... said...

Why are you planting trees? You know I hate trees.

Art Gallagher said...

I'm sorry Tommy, I forgot that you hate trees. I'll cut them down before you come over.

I needed something to spend my stimulus check on before Corzine took it and sent it to Asbury Park.

What is it with you guys from Howell? Your mayor wants to take my house and you want to tell me how to landscape it!

Anonymous said...

Iwould have recomended
Native trees and now is the worse time to transplant
Signed a friend from afar

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Iwould have recomended Native trees and now is the worse time to transplant
Signed a friend from afar"

"Friend from Afar", you are incorrect. "Now" is not the "worst time to transplant".

Certainly it is not the ideal time, but it can be done quite successfully depending on the micro-climate in which the trees will be interred. F.Y.I., the "worst time to transplant" is in fact during the dead heat of August, or the week of December 27th, ;), take your pick.

Also, native trees need to be considered first when undertaking such an endeavor, but will not always be practical or successful in every location. This once again depends on the individual circumstances and the micro-climate.

Anyone who is planting trees is doing our environment a favor, and is a good seed in my book. "Friend from Afar", you seem to be judgemental and overly critical. Do you work for Mike???

Signed, a tree expert

Anonymous said...

No I do not work for mike
Let me rephrase now june through august is the least ideal time to plant a tree. They can survive but odds r reduced
I do not plant only native trees on my property but most are for arts purpose he could have found a suitable nativeM I did not mean to be overly critical just offering friendly advice

Art Gallagher said...

I appreciate tree expert's and ffa's advise. both make good points.

my trees are doing very well. If Mike had called me back I probably would have gotten native trees.