Friday, April 24, 2009

Christie Hits Back At Lonegan

Chris Christie has a new radio ad that portrays Steve Lonegan as a tax raising loser who has been distorting Christie's record.

Here's the text of the ad:

(Male Voice) You are Steve Lonegan and you have a problem.

(Female) The Bergen Record says you proposed raising property taxes in your own town fifteen percent.

(Male) Your plan would raise taxes on almost seventy percent of New Jersey workers.

(Female) And you would eliminate the homestead property tax rebate.

(Male) Lonegan ran for Congress

(Female) and lost.

(Male) State senate

(Female) and lost.

(Male) Governor

(Female) and lost.

(Male) And that's a problem.

(Female) Steve Lonegan, now desperate, you attack Chris Christie with false, negative ads.

(Mood music changes to upbeat jingle)

(Male) As U.S. Attorney Chris Christie fought public corruption, putting 130 politicians in jail.

(Female) Saving taxpayers millions.

(Male) Today, Chris Christie will take the fight to Trenton.

(Female) Cut state income taxes.

(Male) Reduce small business taxes.

(Female) Say no the Corzine tax schemes.

(Male) Pro-life Congressman Chris Smith,

(Female) "Christie will be the pro-life, pro-tax-cut Governor we need."

(Male) Chris Christie will fight for us, just as he did as U.S. Attorney. With leadership, independence, determination.

(Female) Chris Christie, Governor.

(Mr. Christie) Paid for by Chris Christie for Governor, Ron Gravino, Treasurer.

Hat tip to Save Jersey for hosting the ad.

I'm surprised that the Christie campaign would spend a dollar to to raise Lonegan's name recognition. Does Christie have internal numbers that show the race is closer than the Quinnipiac poll or the Strategic Vision poll? Not at all according to Christie campaign manager Bill Stepien.

"Because the voters deserve the truth," said Stepien when asked about the rationale for the ad, "voters always deserve the truth." "Since the beginning of this campaign Steve Lonegan has been misleading, deceiving and lying to the voters about Chris Christie and his record."

Stepien said that by three objective criteria, 1) polls --internal and external, 2)superior organization and 3) fund raising, Christie is winning this race comfortably.

We're in for an interesting five weeks.

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