Friday, April 24, 2009

That Didn't Take Long

Lonegan Campaign releases a radio ad in response to Christie's.

Here's the text:
ANNOUNCER 1: Steve Lonegan’s surging in the polls and Christie’s reaction, negative ads attacking Steve Lonegan. But facts are facts.
ANNOUNCER 2: Lonegan’s the only candidate with executive experience. Only Lonegan's beaten the Democrat machine again and again on their own turf.
ANNOUNCER 1: Lonegan's the only candidate standing up for your gun rights, against illegal immigration, and for taxpayers and small business owners.
ANNOUNCER 2: And only Steve Lonegan is pro-life. Christie supports abortion up until the day of delivery.
ANNOUNCER 1: That’s a fact. So is Christie’s support for gun control and illegal aliens.
ANNOUNCER 2: Christie raised taxes as a freeholder. And after one term, lost the primary, finishing dead last. Sixth out of six.
ANNOUNCER 1: And with Christie’s new scandals, he’ll lose again.
ANNOUNCER 2: The conservative choice; Mayor Steve Lonegan. Honest. Independent. For the people.
ANNOUNCER 1: Mayor Steve Lonegan for Governor. Conservative values, executive experience, putting taxpayers first.
STEVE LONEGAN: This is Steve Lonegan, paid for by Lonegan for Governor. Lonegan dot com.

Lonegan and his team live for this kind of a fight. They've been frustrated and whining that Christie wouldn't engage them. Now that Christie has taken their bait, can he put the horse back in the barn?

We're in for an interesting five weeks.

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MikeGSP said...

Fun, fun, Art! Love your tagline byt the way!