Friday, April 24, 2009

Now that the gloves are off....

....and the worst kind of primary the sane amongst us fear appears to be happening, I have a message for the Christie and Lonegan campaigns. I know you are reading.

First, please read these two posts I wrote last November:

New Jersey Democrats in Trouble?

Why Corzine Will Be Re-Elected

And now today's message for Mr. Christie and Mr. Lonegan from the average New Jersey voters:

We don't care which of you wins the GOP nomination and we don't believe that either of you will do half the shit you say you're going to do. We don't believe it now and we won't believe it in November. We won't believe it until you do it, and maybe not even then.

We don't believe half the shit you are saying about each other. And we don't care.

We care about our families. We care about our jobs. We care about our homes. We love New Jersey, but we're thinking that our friends and family members who already left had the right idea.

We know that Corzine, Codey, McGreevey, DiFrancesco and Whitman failed us, and we think that if you are elected that you probably will too. But we have this much hope that one of you will surprise us. We don't care which one, because we don't think it will really happen any way.

To the extent that you think you are "the one," we think your full of shit.

If you two keep bashing each other and make it clear that you would rather win than fix our state, we'll stick with the asshole that we know and re-elect Corzine, but only after we've made him spend another $50 million.

If you focus on what we care about, we might give you a shot.


James Hogan said...

Great post Art.

I fear that the sad and bigger picture is that at this rate, with Lonegan v. Christie fight and the CWA v. SJ fight as examples, the other Republicans down the line, including Mr. Curly who I have voted for before and will vote for again, aren't going to be picking up any extra votes from the top.

..maybe I should have invested in a home in that dump in the Caribbean...

Art Gallagher said...

Thanks Jim.

The Caribbean sounds great.

If only I had sold everything three years ago....

Anonymous said...

We have bigger fish to fry than each other. The Democrats have nominated as their 12th district assembly candidate a woman who earned her fortune off the blood of African mine workers, writing public relation pieces for companies exploiting the workers. Here is the link to Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd.'s annual report (at the end you will see Roth Investor Relations, Michelle's company).

This company continues to maintain Apartheid hostels exploiting the workers. Note this report:

Michelle keeps deleting any reference she finds to her participation in this travesty, but the internet is too big even for her. This story must be told. There is no place in our assembly for someone earning her living on blood money.

Baba O'Riley said...

The same thing happens almost every year by now, you've wisen up but your ideological brethren haven't.

Lonegan has been negative since day one on Christie. What'd you expect them to keep taking the circling firing squad from Lonegan and the Democrats?

Gubernatorial primary voters are conservative folks, so this is more of a contest since years past. It doesn't help that our taxpayer money is helping fuel the Lonegan campaign tabloids and event cost for Joe the Entertainer (not plumber). Seeing Lonegan within some striking distance, Christie fought back showing that he's not afraid to do what's necessary to win a campaign. An agrressive ad never hurt anyone as long as it's used in moderation and not completely full of shit.

If anything it's going to be a long 5 weeks, because we both know Lonegan hasn't scraped the bottom just yet, but he will..he lives there.

The sooner you and anyone else who is considering voting for the extremely angry and bitter Lonegan realize that there is now a full force effort by outsiders and State Democrats to have him win, the better. You know why the ACLU sat on that report. You know why this stuff is selectively coming out targeting Christie early. This isn't a coincedence, Lonegan is in league with Joe Cryan and crew in order to take out Christie.

At this point, they might as well be planning attack strategy together and mapping out which days to hit Christie on whatever issue of the day.

Come November, we'll be stuck with Corzine for four more years. Conservative Lonegan backers will whine if Christie's the nominee saying a "real conservative" could have won. If Lonegan's the nominee, they'll come up with the excuse du jour on why he lost. ("The establishment screwed him over")

But you want to really know the real reason why this shit keeps happening?: It's because for some strange reason New Jersey has a very potent and increasingly annoying very conservative wing of the GOP. And they never stop fielding candidates in these primaries. When was the last eleciton without a primary challenge between different factons of the GOP in this state? It almost seems to never happen.

Meanwhile Virginia Republicans came together and united for one candidate and avoided a bloody primary.

I'll give you one guess which state of the two with elections this year will have a Republican Governor come January.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the "bashing" has been too bad. Typical for campaigns.

Baba O Riley - The difference between VA and NJ is that the candidate for NJ was chosen by the party before the race began - other candidates need not apply. Its the lack of process that has many active county committee members upset. We take the convention process seriously, but have a problem when the fix is in. I personally don't care who wins. I think both are good. In my opinion, if Lonegan wins the primary, the R party will sit out the campaign (I would have a big problem with that). If Christie wins, then half the active county committee members will sit out because of the lack of process (I will have a big problem with that too).

All R's need to get behind the eventual winner, like him or not (both are good men). The future of our state is too important.

ambrosiajr said...

NJ Registered Voters (October20, 2008)-- Democrat 33.3%; Republican 19.7%; Unaffiliated 46.9%

Christie has the best chance to reach out to the unaffiliated voter. Lonegan is too conservative, and he has already declared that he will tax the poor. (or try to). I could vote for Christie,(not saying that I would...yet), but I would never vote for Lonegan. I don't like his brand. And, I know a lot of dems that feel the same way.

NO RINO said...

"It's because for some strange reason New Jersey has a very potent and increasingly annoying very conservative wing of the GOP. And they never stop fielding candidates in these primaries."

Baba, The party was founded in conservative values. You want to be anti gun, anti first ammendment, and pro late term must be a democrat!

These are all positions Christie has taken.

I want someone who will look after my tax dollars, my freedom, my family. bet!

Conservatives in the primary...every year! Let the fire burn away the verbal straw liberal candidates often hide behind.

The primary is a great vehicle. When it is over you will be starting with the largest base because the winner has the support of the most Republicans.

This process is better than one "Republican" poobah picking the candidate he wants. One having all the power is the starting place of corruption.