Saturday, May 02, 2009

Christie vs. Lonegan on School Vouchers

On two separate press conference calls this week, front running GOP gubernatorial candidates Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan rolled out school voucher programs to increase competition and improve performance in Abbot school districts.

In Lonegan's program failing students would receive vouchers to attend another school within their district. The vouchers, to be issued by the failing schools, could be used in public, private or parochical school within the district. Lonegan said his program would lead to more private schools opening in failing school districts.

Christie said, "Steve has a fake voucher program - I have a real one."

Christie's program would provide vouchers that could be used outside of the student's district of residence, i.e., a Keansburg family could use their vouchers in Hazlet, "as long as the district accepts it." It is not clear if vouchers could be used at private or parochial schools in Christie's program. It is also not clear who would be funding the vouchers in Christie's program.

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