Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Honey, Rudy Guiliani is on the phone for you..."

Steve Lonegan has Joe the plumber coming to NJ next week, but Rudy Guiliani got off the phone with his wife for a minute to call NJ GOP primary voters and ask them to vote for Chris Christie.

Former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler also recorded a call for Christie.

Save Jersey has a recording of the calls.


NFS said...

Short of Saddam Hussein rising from the dead and becoming our next governor, I see no worse fate than Corzine being elected to another term.

I agree with the other commenters that the attacks between Lonegan & Christie must stop. The democrats, having no record of their own to run on, will use the GOP candidates own words in the general election. If any of these two men care more about NJ than the governorship, they need to start showing it. Should Corzine win, we are doomed and that will be Lonegan's & Christie's legacy!

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with lonegan, he doesn't care about the party--just his 15 minutes. Lonegan cannot win, christie is our only hope.

MikeGSP said...

Anon - the party doesn't care about conservatives. If it did then we wouldn't have all this in-fighting.

Anonymous said...

Mike GSP, you have it backwards. The Conservatives don't care about the Party. The Party will always welcome the conservatives, but the conservatives will NOT welcome anyone who does not fit their definition of conservative.

Anonymous said...

and, once again, herein lies a major cause of our problem: we just can't seem to stop the inter-party self-flaggellation, and continuing petty, personal attacks on one another.. how depressing to see we are headed for another losing year if this behavior keeps up.. the last mail piece with "conservative " support for Chrisitie, while we know he is another moderate, is devastating to Lonegan's noble, underdog effort this sad for this broke,exhausted state!