Friday, May 01, 2009

Christie's Response To Lonegan's Smears

Look for Lonegan to counter punch by accusing Christie of causing pollution and wasteful spending on garbage for encouraging people to throw the papers in the trash rather recycle them.


Rick Shaftan said...

What's false?

Every word in Lonegan's literature is true -- unlike Christie's latest negative attacks against Lonegan.

Lonegan never raised taxes 15%

Lonegan's plan will cut taxes for the majority of New Jersey residents.

Yes, however, Lonegan will end the phony rebate program that takes from the "rich" to give to the "poor."

No Art, our next ad will be on Christie's support for the principle that government exists to redistribute income from Republicans to Democrats.

Anonymous said...

New Jersey gets the government it deserves.I know both candidates.I can see the good in both men.Christi is good a locking people up,Steve Lonegan is good at fixing budgets.Think it through voters,who do we need here??
Corzine will slice Christie up this fall and Christie will look like the Thanksgiving turkey on Corzine's table.At some point in time when there are 100 republicans left in New Jersey,those hundred will understand that our party stands for nothing!

Anonymous said...

What's false is that false newspaper that you keep sending to my house called "The Republican News" that has a Bogota mailing address. It's really a shame what levels Looneygan and your crew are going through for 15 minutes of fame. Will you also sit out in November and be a spoil sport when you lose on June 2 or will you join the real cause of getting this tyrant out of Trenton?

At this point the only job I can see Lonegan and his staffers grabbing is a job at the Courier!

Anonymous said...

shame shame on Christie's consultants!.. that flier's biggest "duh," (besides the content),is that the trashcan's lid that they're throwing Lonegan's lit into, is CLOSED!..they're so anxious to make another nasty point, they forget the little details and wind up looking stupid ..part of what's wrong with all this is that the dopey consultants get paid, no matter how sloppy, late, or dumb their product is!!-unreal..

Anonymous said...

Lonegan is the man to vote for. Christie may lower taxes, but the next Democrat with just raise them again. We need someone like Lonegan that wants to dismantle the liberal machine of NJ.