Friday, May 01, 2009

Ex-Lonegan backer Dan Gallic explains why he's supporting Chris Christie

By Dan Gallic

I'm supporting Chris Christie because he is a conservative that doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk. Republicans need a candidate who not only shares our belief in lower taxes, less government and personal responsibility, but a candidate who can actually get results.

Looking at the mess that has been created in Trenton, it is clear we need a governor who has a record of standing up to the status quo, fighting for change and proving he will not back down. During Chris' term as U.S. Attorney, his efforts to root out political corruption and battle crime resulted in 130 convictions. Chris Christie more than demonstrated he has what it takes to fix the broken system in Trenton and get our state back on the right track.

As a former Steve Lonegan supporter I can say with confidence that the choice to support Chris is simple when faced with the alternative. Steve Lonegan has chosen to pursue an angry campaign, so filled with vitriol that his message and vision are lost in a never-ending tirade of half-truths and outright misstatements of facts. In fact, I believe, the only way to win a Republican primary is to explain what you are for and what you are going to do.

Chris Christie has already proven he can handle large governmental organizations, creating a more effective and efficient government for New Jersey taxpayers. Chris has seen firsthand how taxpayer dollars are being wasted and his record saving taxpayers ten of millions of dollars is a credit to his ability to implement change. With Chris it's not just empty talk, but real action.

A strong conservative, Chris already stood up to Corzine's budget, shinning light on legislative members' "Christmas tree spending" items which were typically inserted at the last minute, without transparency, at the personal benefit of state legislators and with brazen disregard for taxpayer's hard-earned money. With this kind of track record it is easy to see why we can trust Chris to take the fight to Trenton and finish the job he started.

Chris understands, that in order to create opportunity and make New Jersey a place people not only want to stay but also come to raise a family and build a career, we need to implement conservative principles. He's called for cutting state incomes taxes, reducing small business taxes and utilizing the line-item veto to get our state moving again.

The defining difference, between himself and Corzine, is that Chris recognizes that the only way this will work is by changing how our government fundamentally operates. With the highest tax burden in the country, an 8.3% unemployment rate and a business climate that ranks dead last, Republicans and New Jerseyans need a governor who isn't afraid of the big challenges, but tackles them head on. We also need a governor who will usher in a new era of open, honest government. We can't afford anything less.

Unfortunately, Steve Lonegan's campaign will take our Party down the wrong path, pursuing a negative tone that is a disservice to the good ideas and strong conservative principals we can offer New Jerseyans. It's time we turn a corner in both our Party and our state and I am confident the way we do that is by electing Chris Christie as our next governor. I strongly urge all conservatives to support the nomination of Chris Christie and his hopeful and positive campaign and reject the negative, divisive tone of his opponents.

Dan Gallic is a husband, father of five, Professional Planner, engineer, web programmer, publisher, political consultant, Grand Knight of the St. Mary's Knights of Columbus Council, former Pennacchio for Senate campaign manager and former chair of the Draft Lonegan for Governor movement.

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mike halfacre said...

Wow. Another former Lonegan backer seeing the light. Nice job, Dan.

Anonymous said...

This is great, but who really cares what Dan Gallic has to say?

Honest Abe said...

Ronald Reagan returns.

Anonymous said...

maybe that's a good thing. Last time republicans won in Monmouth Ronny was at the helm.

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about?..Kim, Rob,Bill and Lillian did ok in the wake of pretty big odds from bid-rig and continuous in-fighting and lack of/poor leadership..he's just probably looking for another job..

Anonymous said...

Christie makes a name for himself by tearing down others. I think it's a dangerous game to support someone who's number one acheivment is tearing down others. Even if they deserved it. Had Christie done something like joined the legislature or become a Mayor first, then maybe I can see an argument for him.