Friday, May 01, 2009

Lonegan on Property Taxes

Steve Lonegan held a tele-press conference yesterday in response to the Monmouth University/Gannett poll which indicated that NJ voters' top concern is property taxes and that they felt that the gubernatorial candidates were not addressing the issue.

Lonegan said that he was surprised by the poll results, because he's been fighting for lower property taxes for years. Maybe voters didn't get Lonegan's message because the last edition his New Jersey Republican News only dedicated 24 words to the subject. Most of the rag, was a distortion of Chris Christie's record and positions, and attempted to create the illusion that Rick Merkt, also a gubernatorial candidate, supports Lonegan.

During the conference call, Lonegan said that he would reduce property taxes by creating economic growth by devolving power in Trenton and and transferring power to the Mayors and Councils of New Jersey's 500+ municipalities.

He would do this by:

1. Instituting a flat income tax
2. Eliminating corporate and small business taxes.
3. Eliminating state mandates such as COAH, the Project Labor Agreement Law, Binding Arbitration and the Paid Family Leave Act.
4. Equalizing state funding of education. He said he would "not capitulate" to the New Jersey Supreme Court. He said that he would require local school boards to give failing students vouchers for tuition to attend another school, but only a school located in the town they live in.

Lonegan said his plan would result in a 15-20 percent reduction in property taxes for most New Jersey municipalities.

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