Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Corzine Allies Will Spend Heavily To Defeat Christie In The Republican Primary

The Democrats have determined that Jon Corzine can not beat Chris Christie in November and have decided to launch their attacks against him now, during the GOP primary, in an attempt to deny Christie the nomination.

The Democratic Governors Association will fund attack ads against Chris Christie in the final weeks of the Republican primary, according to an article in today's New York Times.

The Christie campaign has responded with the following message to its supporters:


To: Campaign Supporters
From: Bill Stepien, Campaign Manager, Chris Christie for Governor
Re: Breaking News - Democrats Joining with Steve Lonegan to Attack Chris Christie

Jon Corzine, the liberal Democrat establishment and Steve Lonegan already have one thing in common - their unabashed pledge to raise taxes. But their alliance has strengthened. In case you haven't read today's New York Times, here's what you missed:

"Allies of New Jersey's Democratic governor, Jon S. Corzine, are so worried about his re-election prospects that they are going to start
spending and advertising heavily - in the Republican primary. ...

Mr. Corzine's allies plan to attack the Republican they consider more formidable, former federal prosecutor Christopher J. Christie, in an attempt to knock him out in the June primary, according to people briefed on the matter."

Today's article makes clear that Jon Corzine is afraid of his record and afraid of a conservative candidate like Chris who has a plan to cut taxes, slash wasteful spending and make New Jersey a place where opportunity thrives. The only option Corzine has is to attack because he has nothing else to stand on:

"It is unclear how much Democrats will spend attacking Mr. Christie in the primary. There are no limits on how much donors can give
the Democratic Governors Association, and it is free to take
money from all comers, including corporations and unions...
It also received $100,000 from Mr. Corzine himself..."

For Republicans all over the state, the message is clear: Governor Corzine and the Democrats will spend a fortune because they are afraid to face Chris Christie in November. Chris Christie has a conservative plan to get our state working again; he will cut taxes across the board for all New Jerseyans while budgeting responsibly and eliminating wasteful and inappropriate spending. As even the Times notes:

"Mr. Christie has based his campaign almost entirely on his credentials as a corruption fighter, having obtained convictions
of some 130 New Jersey politicians and public employees, and
promises to bring the same forceful leadership to tackling the state's
fiscal problems."
For a long time now, New Jerseyans have been worried about the direction of our state. We are facing the highest tax burden in the country, our unemployment rate is 8.3% (and growing) and we actually repel business growth and job creation because of the anti-competitive policies in place. Instead of proposing solutions, Jon Corzine, DC Democrats and Steve Lonegan have teamed up to attack the one candidate in the race who has real, conservative answers to our state's fiscal debacle.

This is the time for us to show Governor Corzine, the Democrat Governors' Association and Steve Lonegan that unlimited dollars, dirty tricks and negative campaigning will not win you the Governor's office. You need good ideas and a commitment to New Jersey's future.

Join Chris as we work to fight back against the divisive politics of old. Help us send the message that we won't let the failed policies of the past four years continue by writing letters to your local papers, host an event, or come to Headquarters to make phone calls.

Call Christie Campaign Headquarters at 862-579-3181 to get involved or go to to join the campaign to take back New Jersey and stop Governor Corzine, Steve Lonegan and their liberal friends.
Paid for by Chris Christie for Governor, Inc, Ronald Gravino, Treasurer

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feeling threatened?.. you have tons more to spend, and nearly all org. support: ACT like a winner, for goodness sake!