Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Joe The Plumber Event Not the Home Run Lonegan Was Hoping For

The Lonegan campaign had a fund raising picnic last night featuring "Joe The Plumber."

The campaign had been counting a big boost in fund raising and free media, with New York and Philadelphia TV news outlets covering the event. The results were less than they were hoping for.

The only television station present was NJN. The Star Ledger and Politickernj covered the event.

The Star Ledger said there were 300 people present at the rally. The Lonegan campaign said they were billed for 685 people and that 700-800 were actually there.

Whatever the truth is, 300-800 is not a bad showing for an outdoor rally in the rain. However the event did not live up to its hype or give the Lonegan campaign the boost that it needs.


Anonymous said...

I was at the event last night & there was at least 600 people there in not so great weather. Both Steve & Joe the Plumber have a great message that a lot of people like to here & it is what the people want. I wish that Steve & Chris wouldn't fight against each other. Let them give there message's & let the voters vote in the primary & who ever wins, we get behind them & defeat Corzine or whoever they put up. I still like both Steve & Chris. And I did get that warm tingle feeling in my leg listening to Joe the Plumber. Andrew Bane

Anonymous said...

appreciate the call for Kumbaya, but this party has unfortunately, consistently proven our ability to simply destroy ourselves..