Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A New Website From The Republican Governors Association

Asbury Park Press Illustration: JEFF COLSON.

The Corzine Times

From the RGA:

The idea behind the website is for it to be a one-stop shop for Jon Corzine news and a steady resource to turn to for the truth about Corzine.

We know that Corzine and his friends are going to spend massive amounts of money misleading New Jersey citizens about his broken promises and plan to hike taxes by $1billion. But New Jersey citizens will be able to turn to The Corzine Times to find the latest news about Jon Corzine – and the truth.

In addition to being a great resource for getting the truth out about Corzine throughout the election season, this website will be a useful resource for MMM readers who are participating in the weekly Corzine's Failures posts.


Chris said...

And you made the short blogroll list, while CWA didn't.

Art Gallagher said...

Shhhh, don't tell anyone. My US rankings are blowing them out of the water too.

MMM's overall alexa ranking is up 900% in the last three months

Anonymous said...

how thoughtful,but,once again, WHAT are ya all gonna do, if the Dem's do another candidate- switcheroo??.. you'll never recover, in time, to make this exhausted, dumbed-down, Dem state vote any differently in Nov.. if there were any objective brains in the outfit, in that unpaid-rent-ofc. out there on W. State St.(which, as shown in the last 12 years, at least, that there obviously aren't),they'd be diligently,quietly at work, doing/stockpiling and ready-ing the opposition research, on ALL the top 10-12 NJ-Dem's, who can easily step right in for Bozo on June 3, and send out their friends at ACORN, and whomever, to start voting for them right now, as is going on in Atlantic City, as we speak!..ALL scenarios MUST be contemplated in this game, and we're so caught up in the RINO vs. Conservative ego-battles again, we just never get it together in time, to really make a's pathetic and embarassing, and unlikely to change- now, go ye therefore, and prove this all wrong, you enthusiasts, of all GOP-stripes!!