Monday, May 11, 2009

Pelosi Must Have Given Conyers, Pascrell and Pallone the OK to Probe Christie.

Didn't Corzine Just Make A Trip To Her District?

The Democrats must be convinced that they can't defeat Chris Chirstie in the fall. Why else would they be throwing the kitchen sink at him now, during the GOP primary campaign, when they could save it for the general election.

As reported by Politickernj and The Star Ledger, Christie has been asked to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about Deferred Prosecution Agreements. NJ Congressmen Frank Pallone and Bill Pascrell have proposed legislation to reform the method by which DPA monitors are appointed. They have been dogging Christie about this since he appointed former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to a DPA monitorship in 2007. Rep John Conyer, Jr (D-Michigan), Chairman of the committee sent Christie a letter dated May 5 inviting him to testify on May 19 and asking him to provide his testimony in writing in advance. On a press tele-conference today, Christie said he first heard about the hearing from a press release by Pallone and Pascrell, and that he would respond when he receives a formal invitation.

Back in March of 2008, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was worried about the awkward situation that Conyers, Pascrell and Pallone where putting the Congressional Democrats in by investigating DPAs. From American Spectator, March 11, 2008:

According to House Democrat leadership aides, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked advisers to examine FEC and other records to determine if Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers may have steered money from an influential Michigan family to other Democrats. The Stryker family of Kalamazoo, Mich., made its fortune from the company that bears its name, though members of the family are not involved in the day-to-day operations. The Stryker Corp. has had issues with federal authorities, including a possible investigation by the Department of Justice into possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Subsidiaries of Stryker cut a deal with a U.S. Attorney in New Jersey that caught the attention of Conyers, as well as several New Jersey House members, who it turned out have received thousands of dollars in political donations from physicians and organizations with ties to Stryker. Now Conyers has opened an investigation into the matter, which includes demanding testimony of former Attorney General John Ashcroft at a Judiciary Committee subcommittee hearing.

The Stryker family has, according to FEC records, pushed more than $17 million toward Democrat candidates and causes over the years. "The concern is that if Conyers is involved directly with this investigation, and he was steering money from the Stryker family to colleagues for their campaigns and they are sitting on the same committee that is undertaking the investigation, you have more than an appearance of conflict of interest, you have a conflict of interest," says a leadership aide for Pelosi. "In our current environment, we can't afford to have too many more of these situations."

The aide pointed to the fact that both Reps. Frank Pallone Jr. and Bill Pascrell Jr., who requested that Conyers look into the Stryker Corp. deal with U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, had extensive financial ties to the medical equipment industry and lobby. Combined, the two Jersey boys have raised tens of thousands from the industry. "Both men have put us in an awkward situation, and Conyers' decision to pursue this matter further has put us in deeper," says the aide. "Speaker Pelosi is concerned and has us monitoring the situation."

Christie should meet this challenge head on right now. Show up in Washington and answer the questions. I doubt it would hurt him in the GOP primary. It might even help. If he puts the issue to rest now, the Dems will have to come up with something else in the fall, should he win the nomination.

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Anonymous said...

typical smoke and mirrors from the dems--create controversy where there is none. pallone has turned into such an attack dog b/c he wants the US Senate seat so bad--he views Christie as a threat to his grand scheme. Wish he'd spend more time defending Ft. Monmouth that he basically lost for Monmouth County... Repubs. need to get someone good to run against Pallone...And, Chrisite should turn around and ask Congress to probe how our Gov. Corzine could have given 100K loan (wink--wink) to Union Leader, Carla Katz, his girlfriend at the time--what a bunch of hypocrites...Corzine's as bad as the gov. for Illinois....