Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will Booker Replace Corzine On The November Ballot?

Fred seems to think so.

Fred Driscoll, the dead Governor behind The State of NJ website, says Newark Mayor Cory Booker will be the next Governor of NJ.

The scuttlebutt in Trenton is that Corzine will be "Torched" if Chris Christie is the GOP candidate. That is why the Democratic Governors Association is running anti-Christie ads in the GOP primary and why the House Judiciary Committee has called Christie to testify about Deferred Prosecution Agreements two weeks before the GOP primary. These actions are an effort to save Corzine, who the Dems believe can beat Steve Lonegan easily.

Should Christie win the GOP nomination, the Dems will need a new candidate to keep control of Trenton. The candidate will not be Dick Codey. The GOP would love to run against Codey and the Dems know that a Codey-Christie race would be too close for comfort. The same is true of Senator Stephen Sweeney.

Booker has said he is not interested in being Corzine's running mate. He has had some good news coming out of Newark as a result of his adopting Rudy Guiliani's methods of reducing crime. Last week Booker declared that NJ is heading towards bankruptcy and created a contrast between himself and Corzine with his willingness to accept the reality of too much government.

Booker took down Sharp James before Chris Christie did.

Republicans in New Jersey have been counting on low urban voter turnout, because Obama will not be on the ballot. A Booker candidacy could change that.

Booker is the keynote speaker at the 180 Turning Lives Around's Celebrating Success dinner in Asbury Park on Friday night.


Chris said...

This is bad news for the Monmouth County race... as you said, Neptune and Asbury Park might have again more votes than registered voters.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keeps forgetting the number one, two and three reasons that Corzine ever was on the ballot in the first place - his money. As long as he has that money, he will be the candidate.

Honest Abe said...

Booker and/or his supporters have set up a PAC, Empower Newark, which wheels money to Democrats around the state - and beyond. It contributed $10,000.00 to the Monmouth County Democrats last October 29.

Christina DeSimone of the Rutgers-Newark Observer writes: "A political action committee called Empower Newark has reported a dramatic increase in funds, from $2,343 last year to $364,000 this year. The committee states that its goal is to support politicians who demonstrate a "genuine commitment to Newark." While the committee has donated to both Teresa Ruiz's and Bilal Beasley's Senate campaigns, Empower Newark has also supported candidates with little connection to Newark. Philadelphia mayoral candidate, Dwight Evans, and New York's lieutenant governor, David Paterson have each received $5,000 from the committee. How is this empowering Newark?"

Anonymous said...

Booker is probably more conservative the CC

Anonymous said...

As Republicans bash each other Corzine will be like a fresh fighter walking into the ring in the 11th round to take on his battered tired opponent.If Lonegan had taken the high road,he would of been a shoe in.

Anonymous said...

has anybody heard any talk/thought at all of such a scenario?..what IS a plan B from the county or state for such a disaster for the GOP?.. great, first black Pres. coming in for first black Gov..what a bright, but nightmarish move for them to make.. so much for the "Christie Coattails" sweeping in everyone down the ballot..help!