Friday, June 05, 2009

Got $3400? Hire Bon Jovi To Play At Your Party

The Star Ledger is reporting that Middletown resident Jon Bon Jovi performed three songs at a fund raiser in Newark last night, raising $2 million for the Corzine re-election campaign.

The Ledger says that Bon Jovi did not charge for the performance. That would be a "in-kind" contribution, i.e. providing goods or services instead of cash.

New Jersey election law limits individual contributions to gubernatorial campaigns to $3400.

It could be that the Corzine campaign gave the Star Ledger bad information. Save Jersey's Matt Rooney reports that Corzine's campaign paid the bee farming crooner's company almost $20,000 last month for fundraising entertainment.


stopthesocialists said...

It is frightening to think that Bon Jovi is so stupid and such a political moron that he can't see what a disaster Corzine has been for the state he professes to love so much. What a dummy. It just goes to show what happens when you weakly and blindly support someone solely because of his/her political party.

Anonymous said...

or, better, when you think/speak, from the mentality of the lib, elitist: "I got rich from capitalism, but YOU can't".. they all make me sick, period, from Soros,to Turner, to Franken, to Corzine,to NOBama!!..