Friday, June 05, 2009

Monmouth Democrats Looking to Run Away from Corzine

Monmouth Democrats met last weekend to discuss their strategy and funding for their municipal campaigns throughout the county.

Funding for the local campaigns will come from the county organization, which will likely come from Corzine, unions and friends of Cryan throughout northern New Jersey.

The local candidates' biggest concern is how to distance themselves from Corzine. There was tongue in cheek talk of having Corzine issue statements critical of the local candidates.

About the only way these folks can run away from Corzine is if the governor drops out of the race in September after Obama appoints him Secretary of Toll Roads.


stopthesocialists said...

Art - let me see if I am getting this right. The Monmouth Dems are trying to figure out how to distance themselves from Corzine, yet their funding will be coming from - Corzine? What gives? They can't be that stupid to actually have Corzine and his cronies dumping money into their campaigns, can they? Oops, sorry, I forgot who we were talking about for a second - they certainly can be.

Chris said...

So Art has a mole in the high ranks of the Monmouth Dems?

Anonymous said...

No, "stop",here's the raw truth anyone can spend a few hours reading all their many and various funding sources/disbursements on ELEC to confirm: with all the $$$ the state Dems, their labor-PACS, their unions, their assembly and senate majority-accounts have thrown in here, they really won their last 3 county seats withOUT Corzine helping!!.. people, understand fully, we're at critical mass, here, the county Dems have spent every day, these past 6 mos., paying back Green, Wiesniewski, Cryan, Norcross, etc., etc: Bozo's free to help pals, elsewhere!!!( and now, himself)..