Friday, June 05, 2009

Corzine's Failures, Week 3

My contribution to the Corzine's Failures list this week is short and sweet:

Corzine failed to prevent Chris Christie from becoming the GOP nominee for governor, despite spending $1.2 million on negative ads to swing the GOP primary to Lonegan.

The list from weeks 1 and 2 can be viewed here. Please add to the list in the comments.

Every Friday between now and November 6 we will list Corzine's Failures, when we will post the final entry: Corzine failed to get re-elected!.


Baba O'Riley said...

I'll keep this one short:
Corzine failed to save New Jersey taxpayers 40 million, when he gave in to the CWA for consessions. ANd it was all for a Joe Biden guest appearance at his campaign launch.

Anonymous said...

and, Christie failed to "bury" Lonegan for a unifying mandate that can now propel him into Independent territory, despite much of his primary millions being wasted on attacks on Steve, more than Corzine!!..and, btw, the biggest NJ voting- block Corzine DIDN'T fail to lose,( and is again pandering to, with our bucks), is all the unions, period..(not counting, of course, the voting-dead, and illegals, and felons, on and's so discouraging!).. ask Norm Coleman in Minnesota, etc., how to get past the voter fraud, lies, and vermin!