Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If This Keeps Up I'll Have To Change My Tag Line

My friends Michael Illions and Matt Rooney have started to reason with each other and have brought some civility into their debate for the hearts, minds and votes of the Republican Party.

The debate is an important one, as the GOP in New Jersey and nationally works to gets its bearings and return to relevancy. I encourage you to read both linked posts.


Anonymous said...

"Making Monmouth County more affordable again."

You've got to laugh when political consultants recycle old tag lines. Forrester used the same tag line in '05.

There should be a premium paid for creativity and a penalty when using recycled mail, TV and communications.

Anonymous said...

and, much less paid when canned-drivel causes another loss!

Anonymous said...

belief in less taxes, less gov't., and more individual freedom is NEVER irelevant: it's when the elites dumb them down we LOSE!.. wake up, now,as they read Miranda rights to terrorists who AREN'T our citizens!!