Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poll: Christie Leading Corzine 50-40

A Quinnipiac poll released this morning has Chris Christie leading Jon Corzine 50%-40% in the race for the NJ Governor's office. Christie's lead among unaffiliated voters is 24%

The poll is more an indication of Corzine's weakness than it is of Christie's strength. Almost half of those polled said they don't know enough about Christie to form an opinion of him.

Look for Corzine to spend heavily over the summer to define Christie as a habitat-destroying, woman-hating tool of the gun lobby, in an effort to bring the poll numbers close to even by early September. If that doesn't work, President Obama will ask New Jersey to make a great sacrifice for their country because he needs Corzine to solve an apocalyptic crisis or to become Secretary of Toll Roads. Then Newark Mayor Cory Booker will become the Democratic nominee.

Despite his early lead, Christie faces a formidable challenge. He must define himself to voters favorably without the benefit of Corzine's millions. The dilemma for Christie is that the better he does against Corzine over the summer, the less likely he is to face Corzine in the fall.

There is no game plan to defeat Booker. Ask any Republican how to beat Booker in the fall. The answer is either a blank stare or "Corzine will never drop out." Wishful thinking.

Christie and the NJ GOP need to dig out their old Boy Scout handbooks and Be Prepared.


Anonymous said...

show me that around Halloween, and I'll believe NJ has FINALLY had it with these people!!

stopthesocialists said...

Definitely agree with anon 9:20 - too early to pop the corks. In speaking with a mid-level Dem. their plan of attack is to damage Christie by making him a Siamese twin of George Bush and bringing Obama to N.J. several times before November. In other words, run like it is 2008. They are convinced that Christie's star will fade, and the unions will close ranks behind Corzine. Their contempt for the intelligence of the N.J. voter is as strong as ever.

Anonymous said... that Cheney's ratings are higher than poor Bush's, they'll just go with those awful '08 "tank" NJ numbers, even though George is sure in much better shape,than "Siamese twin", Chris- memo to the handlers:that boy needs to eat salads on the big bus now, and maybe advocate for healthier lifestyles, or something- (am afraid of a "fat-cat politician" negative cartoon, for sure!!)..!!