Friday, August 21, 2009

Bateman To Primary Smith In CD 4

Former Holmdell Deputy Mayor Alan Bateman sent a fund raising letter to "Fellow Conservatives" declaring that he will challenge Congressman Chris Smith in the 4th District primary next June.

Bateman's letter can be viewed and downloaded here.

Barring another challenger entering the 12th district race, this developement apparently clears the way from Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre to challenge Congressman Rush Holt. Bateman was the Republican candidate against Holt in 2008.

Smith seems to have taken notice that he faces a challenge next year. He has been very visible in Republican circles of late. He attended the Monmouth County Finance Gala and was present this week at MCGOP headquarters in Freehold when NJ GOP Chairman Jay Webber addressed municipal chairs and Christie coordinators.

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