Friday, August 21, 2009

Could There Be Another Email Controversy Brewing?

First we had the famous Carla Katz/Jon Corzine email controversy, wherein the former lovers were exchanging emails during labor negotiations. Katz was the head of the largest state employee union at the time and Corzine was the governor. The NJ Supreme Court decided that the governor did not have to disclose the emails.

More recently the White House asked citizens to forward "fishy, under the radar" emails critical of ObamaCare to Shortly thereafter citizens started to get unsolicited emails, i.e., spam from White House Senior Advisor David Axlerod seeking support for ObamaCare.

There may be a new controversy brewing that impacts to gubernatorial race. A MoreMonmouthMusings reader reports receiving a campaign email from Democratic LG candidate Senator Loretta Weinberg. This reader never signed up for Corzine/Weinberg emails but has subscribed to the Governor's official state website for updates.

Could it be that the Corzine campaign is using State resources for political purposes?


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