Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Falsetto State

While reading updates of Bob Inlgle's and Sandy McClure's The Soprano State it occurred to me that there is another musical metaphor appropriate for New Jersey politics, especially under the Corzine administration: The Falsetto State.

Falsetto is that high pitched singing that makes men sound like girls, i.e. men performing with no balls.

Let's face it, if Jon Corzine was who he said he was and did what he promised he would do during his 2005 campaign for Governor he would be a shoo-in for re-election, rather than trailing in all the polls just 80 days before the election.

The issues in the current campaign are much the same as the issues were in the 2005 campaign and the 2001 campaign and the 1997 campaign... The issues will always be the same until we have a governor with the balls to say NO to the legislature, the unions, the party bosses, the NJ Supreme Court, the education establishment and the rest of the trough swillers.

Jon Corzine has proven that he is not that Governor. Almost from the moment he implored us to hold him accountable, he started to cave to party bosses and special interests. He had the balls to shut down the government when the legislature wouldn't pass his sales tax increase, but blinked and gave away half the increase for Christmas Tree items. Since then, his administration has been a litany of capitulation.

Corzine bought the poltical support of the Trenton Sopranos but he didn't have the fortitude to stand up to them when it became apparent that they took his money for their own gain, not to support his policy initiatives.

He just doesn't have the balls for the job.


Anonymous said...

Well said. The only part you left out is that Chris Christie doesn't have the balls to do the job either.

I'm voting for Steve Lonegan.

stopthesocialists said...

Looks like another fool who will be voting for Corzine by throwing his vote away on Lonegan. He obviously has a crystal ball that can predict the future. Hey anon. 3:06 - got your Obama/Corzine lawn sign?

Anonymous said...

We are doomed. I was making calls to soft Republicans to do an issues poll. Although there was only one Corzine supporter you want to know his only reason to support Corzine?

This person stated he wants corruption rooted out and only Corzine could do it. He said Christie has no plan or record of ridding NJ of corruption,a dn Corzine has shown he does not tolersate corruption. I had to keep from laughing.

This is an R stating this, we are truly doomed.

Anonymous said...

STS, come back here in 4 years and tell me that the Christie Administration has actually reduced the amount that you are currently paying in property taxes and/or state taxes. Tell me in 4 years that Chris Christie, ever beholden to the liberal, judicial elite in this state, has actually stood for principle and refused to reappoint any of the liberal activists currently serving on the NJ Supreme Court. Come here in four years and tell me that Chris Christie, the Democrat-lite candidate, is anything different that what we here in New Jersey have seen for the last few decades.

There is a reason -- many, actually -- that conservatives in New Jersey have forsaken what passes for the Republican party here in the Garden State. It is a shame that you, a cheerleader for the status quo, haven't recognized as much. Enjoy the tax increases and the judicial activism.

Again, I am voting for Lonegan.