Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Falsetto State: Chapter Two

Falsetto: High pitched singing that makes men sound like girls, i.e. men performing without balls.

Congressman Frank Pallone (Falsetto, Long Branch) is another example of a man performing without balls.

Today's print edition of the Asbury Park Press (sorry, if the article is on the website I can't find it) has an article about Pallone's upcoming Community Forum on August 25th, at the Red Bank Municipal Building.

The Red Bank meeting room only holds 100 people. The APP suggested to Pallone that he move the forum to a larger venue. Can't do it, sang Frankie:

"We can't switch it now. Notices have gone out (to contstituents) and there in no way to notify them again," Pallone said after a press conference. What will happen is people will get confused. If I switched (locations), it would have to be held a month from now. We'll stay until everyone's heard, but it's not possible to switch."

Hogwash Frank. Corzine moved his rally with President Obama from Rutgers to the PNC Arts Center on short notice. You could move your forum too. The word would get out.

Congressman Rothman changed the venue of his town meetings on very short notice this week. Word got out. You have plenty of time to change the venue Frank.

In the spirit of cooperation I checked some locations.

The Count Basie Theater, just down the street from Red Bank Borough Hall would be ideal. It seats over 1500 and anyone confused would just follow the crowd. Too bad, it's booked. Melissa Etheridge is playing.

The Two River Theater Company is a short walk from Borough Hall. But with only 349 seats, it is probably too small as well. Besides, TRTC has a private booking that night.

Wait! Count Basie and TRTC are both booked and Falsetto Pallone is performing at Borough Hall! Where are people going to park?!

Frank, you really need to move your community forum. You really do want to hear what is on your constituents' minds, like your post card said, don't you Frank?

I have just the place:

ASBURY PARK. Both Conventional Hall (Seats 3600) and the Paramount Theater (seats 1600) are available!

Frank, prove to the people of the 6th District that you are not a falsetto. Have the balls to meet with all who want to tell you want is on their minds. Don't hold the meeting in a 100 seat room in Red Bank on a night when there will be no parking. Go to Asbury Park, Frank. I bet I can even get Tommy DeSeno to show you around.


237 Cannon Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-3006
Phone: (202) 225-4671
Fax: (202) 225-9665

67/69 Church St.
Kilmer Square
New Brunswick, N.J. 08901
Phone: (732) 249-8892

504 Broadway
Long Branch, N.J. 07740
Phone: (732) 571-1140
(888) 423-1140


Grace Cangemi said...

Great piece, Art. If Frankie won't move his meeting, please come to Red Bank anyway. There is now public parking at the garage on West Front St near Pearl St. Theater-goers rarely even recognize that it's there. The train station is usually pretty open in the evening, even when there's a show. Red Bank (the tax and spend capital of Monmouth County, home to Toll Hike Mike Dupont and John Lynch's best bud Ed McKenna), is, of course, where Pallone feels most comfortable. Come on out and tell him to get his hand out of your wallet!

Anonymous said...

Lets see if Art posts this...Pretty much wrong on just about everything, lol, great job with presidency, county, us senate and 2 major congressional races..

Is this who you loons are reading every day?

Art - any defense to your absolutle lack of political knowledge or instinct?, i will be surprised if you even post this comment...

These are his 2008 predicitons...Art dead wrong on every one...brilliant political strategist!

NJ Presidential
Obama by 5%

US Presidential
McCain, 5-4 by the Supreme Court sometime in December.

US Senate
Congressman Steve Rothman, who will be appointed to Lautenberg's seat by a lame duck Corzine in late November 09.

3rd Congressional District
Myers over Adler by 8%

5th Congressional District
Garrett over Schulman by 12%

7th Congressional District
Linda Stender over Leonard Lance by 1 vote. Michael Illions and his wife decide the election by voting for conservative independent Hsing.

Monmouth County Freeholder
John Curley is the top vote getter. Curley and Lillian Burry retain control of Monmouth County for the Republican Party.

Middletown Township Committee
Pam Brightbill and Tony Fiore

Art Gallagher said...

i will be surprised if you even post this comment...

Why wouldn't I post it. I left the original post up in the archives. Just because you hide your mistakes doesn't mean that everyone does.

Thanks for reading the archives. This post must have really gotten under your skin. You put a lot of effort into it.

I predicted Corzine will beat Christie too. See if you can find that prediction. I hope I am wrong about that and I'm doing all I can to make sure that I am.

Is this who you loons are reading every day?

You'll be back.

Tell Falsetto Frank to move the venue of his forum. And grow some balls yourself and don't post anonymously next time.

Bill Sutphin said...

Why did Mayor Buccelato hire a consulting firm to be business administrator?