Friday, August 14, 2009

Pallone Wants To Know What's On Your Mind

Let's tell him!

Tuesday, August 25 for 7pm-9pm at the Red Bank Municipal Building, 90 Monmouth St, Red Bank.

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Anonymous said...

please, folks, show up, make noise,pack the joint: this is our only window of opportunity to help stop this disaster before Nobama rams this thru in Sept..: give up a few hours, show, call,e-mail,write! we can have a future in freedom, not dictatorial,3rd-world tyranny!.. remember, ol'Flatfoot's dying to move up to the filibuster-proof Senate, and has the $ bucks to get there, as well as time on his side!..other than vote the whole lib, socialist agenda, (clothed in green waves of biennial,patronizing and convenient "environmentalism" all these years), he's simply done nothing but tow the lib, tax and spend line, to ALL of our detriment!!-so, make us proud,get LOUD, District 6!!!..