Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Halfacre Is Still Going

Business kept me from the Middletown Town Hall meetings hosted by Mike Halfacre and Rush Holt. But during a quick drive by shortly before 8PM, I was pleased to see Halfacre still going with a crowd of about 150 before him.


Start working together said...

Too bad Republican Mayor Pam Brightbill is inside undermining him. She should have never agreed to draw and read the questions.

Come on Republicans, we need to work together.

Anonymous said...

Holt cut off the crowd at 240, and about 500 of us went to hear Halfacre. He let everyone speak, for at least two hours, and dis a really nice job moderating, set a real balanced tone, while being clear he was against this bill.

Holt screened every question, took all questions in writing, only, and was not engaged in any debate. People were pissed that when folks left the building. Nobody was allowed in to fill the seats.

On balance, Holt wa a big fat Fat Fail. Go Mayor Mike!!!

Chris said...

I didn't get inside, but I understand Pam didn't draw and read questions. They were handed to Holt and he chose what he wanted to answer.

But Mike Halfacre's townhall outside was awesome!!

stopthesocialists said...

SWT - why would you say that Mayor Brightbill agreed to draw and read the questions when that is totally untrue?