Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Case You Missed It...

Chris Christie got three traffic tickets in 2005. One for speeding, 58 mph in a 40 zone, one for driving without a registration and one for driving without insurance.

His wife, kids and Michele Brown were with him. He was allowed to drive home, which probably means the car was registered and insured and he just didn't have the current documents with him. I don't know, I am speculating.

NJ 101.5, Politickernj and some news sites have made a big deal of this today. The Police Director in Lambertville, the town where the tickets were issued, said they were "no big deal." The Director,Bruce Cocuzza, is a Democrat who ran for Hunterdon County Sherrif in 2007. He was crossed off Jon Corzine's Christmas card list today.


Chris said...

And also...

Christie had 2 overdue books from the library, he brought them back and paid the fine, no jail time was asked for. CORRUPTION!

In third grade Chris Christie borrowed some lunch money from a friend and never paid him back..

One time Chris Christie crossed the street without looking both ways... What a poor example for the children of NJ

One time Chris Christie pumped his own gas... which of course is ILLEGAL in NJ!!!

One time Chris Christie threw a plastic bottle in the garbage... he must HATE the planet.

One time Chris Christie's EZ-Pass didnt register on the turnpike, robbing the state of $1.50 Why does he HATE NJ so much?

One time when Chris Christie was 7 he spent his allowance on a pack of baseball cards... IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING!

(credits to my YR friend Mike Peters)

James Hogan said...

One time, Chris Christie was passed on the parkway by a speeding SUV which later overturned because the driver was also playing with his cell phone while speeding and driving erratically. The injured passenger didn't have a seat belt on... why does Christie think he should be treated differently than anyone else?