Wednesday, September 30, 2009

D'Amico Taking Shots At Guadagno

Freeholder Deputy Director John D'Amico is playing gubernatorial politics by taking shots at Sheriff Kim Guadagno over budget negotiations that took place almost five months ago.

D'Amico complained to the Asbury Park Press that his feelings are still hurt because Guadagno negotiated too hard in fighting against layoffs in her department during an executive budget session on May 14.

Guadagno argued that law enforcement layoffs would end up costing the county more money due to overtime. D'Amico, using only 3 months of data, asserts that Guadagno was wrong and that she is misrepresenting herself as a tough negotiator while campaigning for Lieutenant Governor.

I guess it is time to dust off that file on Dem LG candidate Loretta Weinberg and Freeholder candidate Sean Byrnes campaigning together in the Hall of Records during business hours.


Anonymous said...

Sheriff Guadagno has done little to reduce costs at the jail. She has done little to reduce the rampant abuse of sick time by the corrections officers under her command. Kim Guadagno is part of the problem.

Law Man said...

It is a despicable display of politics which I had once hoped was below the esteemed Judge. So much for hope.

On another note however it does appear that the Freeholders where getting incorrect advice about what can and cannott be talked about in executive session. Lets hope the new county counsel can straighten that out. It is not that difficult (which begs the question why couldn't aretired Judge figure it out on his own)

The other thing that should be kept in mind is this. Just because something can be discussed in executive session does not always mean the boeard can't decide to discuss it in public.

Anonymous said...

This is typical and to be expected. The Shefiff is a class act and a model public servant. Mr. D'Amico has been a complete and utter failure for Monmouth County and a terrible partisan politician. Mr. D'Amico shall be held accountable for his actions. Looking forward to calling him out on his many failures as a Freeholder.

Joe DiBella

Jim Sage said...


If I'm reading between the lines correctly, are you consider tossing your hat in for Freeholder??? You will have my support. You were the only politician residing in the Freehold RegionalHigh School District, that demanded Mr Wasser, superintendent, return the ill-gotten gains from his fraudulent, unaccredited doctorate degree.

Jim Sage

ambrosiajr said...

What? One politician making claims against another politician? What? How dare he be partisan. The nerve.

This is a funny post. Like it would be some kind of revelation that Judge D'Amico criticizes the republican sheriff. I wonder how many days at the office she's worked since she became the LG pick.

Anonymous said...

wonder how many days, or is it hours, our dear Pres. worked as a Sen. when he ran for the White House??..another non-argument: Kim's simply done a fabulous job as Sheriff: she's fought the Dems on the budget and gotten killed for it, she fought for her guys to stay employed in a bad economy, she's taken on the gangs and kept her campaign promises: I know it's hard to believe somebody walked the walk after winning, but she has, and I hate these guys wasting her: I'd feel very comfortable with that lady in-charge of this place for Chubby!!! (if the guys don't goof it up entirely,and blow it, however!!)

ambrosiajr said...

Anon 2:12am...I didn't know that the President is running for LG here in learn something new all the time.

Your comment has nothing to do with NJ politics. All it shows is that you dislike the President.

She should have resigned to run on the ticket, but instead, she did a disservice to the county by staying on.